RoOibos Stream (Roybos) is a herbal tea, which has been widely consumed for centuries, especially in the southern part of the continent. Although the plant grows spontaneously in mountainous lands, it has been started to be planted in agricultural land with increasing demand.
Red tea, African red tea or red shrub tea, also known as the plant is not the same family as the “tea” plant.
The plant really gives the water a color that really plays to the water.
Latin name: aspalathus Linearis
This herbal tea has become very popular and widespread all over the world in recent years.
[Button Link = “” color = “red” newwindow = “Yes”] One is the discovery that it contains polyphenols such as aspalatine, which is not found in any other food.
Thanks to these components, ROOBOS has a strong antioxidant, strong anti -inflammatory effect. It strengthens immunity, delays skin aging and even supports weakening. nler/ how to taste the rooibos tea? It has a fruity, slightly sweet taste. Unlike green tea, the taste of the plant is closer to dessert, not pain. There are also definitions as neutral.
It has no tannine aroma. And it is a very soft drinking tea.
Roybos can also be brewed by blending with other plants. It is very compatible with significant aromas such as cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom and clove.
Dried lemon and orange slices; It can be sweetened with honey or sugar.
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It does not contain caffeine!
The thein amount of the plant is quite low. And it does not contain caffeine. With this feature, sleep is not sleeping and even consumption of small amounts in children is thought to be appropriate.
It is even a plant added to various mother -baby tea mixtures due to milk enhancing effect.
Although Rooibos tea is most frequently served hot, it is also possible to prepare it as cold tea.
What are the benefits of Rooibos tea? ROOİBOS; It contains valuable minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and alpha hydroxyl acid.
Rooibos, who works as a bronchodilator, can help alleviate wheezing and cough caused by allergic rhinitis and asthma.
It can help keep diabetes under control. There are various studies that support that this tea can be effective in regulating blood sugar levels and increasing glucose tolerance.
In summary, Rooibos tea is a very healthy and light and delicious drink.
It is without caffeins and is very rich in antioxidants.
It is particularly interesting for those who love to try healthy, new tastes!
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