Işkın; Uçkun, Uşkun, Işgın, Mountain Tanus, Van Tanus, Plateau bananas, sour light, fly, rivaz, rivaz, infaz or rhubarb are a delicious kind of plant.
The appearance is thin long, resembles asparagus. The outer shell is also eaten by peeling into the light, salt or sugar. In addition, the root parts of the plant are widely consumed. Roots are often consumed by brewing tea as tea.
In some regions, it is indispensable for those who meet the flavor of the light sold in mobile benches such as plum or cucumbers. The root parts of the preferred light for taste while freshly are preferred for health benefits.
The taste of plum or kiwi is reminiscent, refreshing, sour.
The lack, especially large, fresh and juicy ones are acceptable. Fresh body and root parts are eaten. Although not eaten the flowers, it is known to have a pleasant smell.
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/iskin-koku-50-50-gin-ucun-koku-yayla-uzu-isgin/” color = “red” newwindow = “Yes”] button] in which month? Fresh mountain bananas; It comes out in May, the season continues until the end of June. It is also stored by drying and selling it.
The pickle of Işın is widely prepared in Eastern Anatolia and Southeastern Anatolia provinces and is delicious.
Plateau bananas; The dinner is made, brewed as tea. When brewing as tea, the root parts of the light are generally used. Among the benefits of the root tea; The sugar -lowering effect, stomach protective effect and cough cutting effect stand out.
The jam is also made. The strawberry jam is also prepared and balances the sour taste of strawberry. It is used for fresh light for global jam.

Business Vinegar Benefits
The vinegar is prepared and used to relieve the stomach, to help digestion. It is known to be a very healing vinegar.
Where does Flya Grow? Flying; Van, Erzurum, Bingöl, Sivas, Afyon, Muş is common in our provinces. These provinces are consumed abundantly.
What are the benefits of light? Işkın; Vitamin C is surprisingly rich in iron and zinc. It has intense fiber and antioxidant content.
It is useful for kidney problems.
Energy gives, reduces stress.
Cancer is known as a fighter plant. Red and purple -colored fruit vegetables are also found in anti -carcinogenic substances called polyphenol. In order to release the substance that can fight against cancer cells called polyphenol, it should be consumed by cooking flying or boiling in a small amount.
In traditional medicine, it is used in the treatment of flying jaundice.
What are the benefits of the root of the light? Sugar is balancing.
Cholesterol is balancing.
Supports digestion.
It has strengthening and aphrodisiac effect.
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