Palo Santo is an endemic type of tree, also known as Burlera Graveolens. Endemic means that the world grows only in certain parts of the world. Peru grows in Ecuador and a few more neighboring countries of these countries. The main homeland and the most widely grown country are Peru.
Palo Santon’s word meaning is Spanish “Holy Tree”. As the name suggests, it has an important and sacred value in the societies it grows.
This is ideal for use as the resin and even the body fragrant tree incense.
What does Palo Santo do? Palosanto trees are used both body, resin and oil. The oil is used both for medical purposes and as a smell of incense.
Oil is preferred to purify pain and stress. For energy cleaning, oil and incense in the body are used to purify the evil eye.
The body of the incense is calming, mental purifying power is impressive.
Palo Santo incense with these features; It is an integral part of meditation sessions, purification rituals, mystical environments.
Unlike the unique smell of Palo Santon, unlike the people, pests, especially flies, do not like at all. With this feature, the Palosanto incense also serves as a natural fly.

How is Palosanto smell? For those who have not heard this smell before, it can be said that it carries pine, lemon, mint aromas. Ferat has a smell. The feeling that he lives is like a feeling that he is wandering in a forest.
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Are you one of those who say “Palo Santo doesn’t burn”? Calm down, there is easy 🙂
Like all other tree incense, it is a bit troublesome to burn palo Santo wood. Tree incense always burns more difficult than plants like sage.
How to Burn Palo Santo? For the highest efficiency, exposure your palosanto incense slightly to 30 seconds to look at the end of the end. A small fire will emerge.
Gently blow this fire and extinguish it and allow the smoke to smoke. The smoking time will be up to 1-2 minutes.
During this time, leave your incense to a fixed place or incense -resistant fixed place, or if you want to walk in your hand in your hand and make a small energy cleaning.
Choosing a purmous lighter or candles instead of normal lighters will make your job easier.
Endemic trees with dangerous types of Palo Santo is a kind of endangered trees with uncontrolled cuttings. It should be essential not to disrespect nature while healing ourselves. For this reason, make sure that the product you receive when buying Palosanto incense is obtained only from the trees that dry out spontaneously and respectfully to nature!
You can obtain original incense imported from Peru from our Palo Santo Sales website.
Our incense is obtained only respectful to nature from the trees drying from itself.
Our list also has Palosanto incense additional, sandalwood incense and pay tree incense.
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