Medjoul Hurma; Medjul Hurma, Medjool Hurma, Mecdul Hurma and the most well -known name, also known as Jerusalem palm, is a large size and high sugar rate.
From time to time, Palestinian palm is also known as the Israeli palm.
It is completely different from Medina palm.
It is known as a high quality and high -priced type of palm. It is quite sweet. It is a larger size, darker than other species. The core is small. Fleshy and delicious.
MEDJoul Hurma, which is usually put on sale after drying, gets a more concentrated and sugary taste as it dries. It gains a caramelized structure.
With its high natural sugar ratio it contains, in pastry works; It is also very suitable for use in making cakes and bread. Where does Medjoul Hurma grow? Today, cultivation is done in America, Middle East countries, South Asia and Africa.
Medjoul, which cannot be cultivated in our country, is generally imported from nearby countries. It usually comes from Israel, Jordan and Palestine to our country.

Medjoul palm nutritional value is considered to be a portion of 2 palm. About 50 grams income:
Calories: 133
Carbohydrate: 36 grams
Fiber: 3.2 grams
Protein: 0.8 grams
Sugar: 32 grams
Oil: 0 grams
Calcium: 2%of daily need
Iron: 2%of the daily need
Potassium: 7 %of the daily need
Copper: 19 %of daily need
Vitamin B6: 7 %of daily need
Magnesium: 6 %of daily need
Medjoul palm contains significantly more calcium compared to other species.
Date is a concentrated natural source of sugar. It is a very healthy food when it does not contain additional corn syrup and is not excessively consumed.
Research has shown that palm has a low glycemic index (GI) and will not cause major increases in blood sugar. However, if the palm you consume contains additional glucose syrup, this will be completely reversed.
The calories of the palm are not very low. Therefore, it is recommended not to overdo it in consumption. Most calories in palm are caused by the natural sugar it contains.
What are the benefits of Medjoul palm? High fiber and antioxidants in the palm of junction support heart health.
The fiber helps lower LDL (bad) cholesterol and keep the arteries clean.
The fiber ratio contained in only 2 dates is more than 3 grams.
Medjool Hurma is also a rich source of antioxidant that helps fight free radicals.
Both carotenoid and phenolic acid antioxidants contain are known for their benefits on heart health.
Medjul palm also supports and relieves digestive and intestinal health. It is also an ideal nutrient to combat constipation with high fiber ratio. nlerdir-sut-yapar-mi/ You can subscribe to our bulletin to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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