Which volatile oils have anti -viral properties? Many plants are antibacterial. However, rare plants may affect anti -viral viruses. Which natural oils are protected in these days when the whole world fights a challenging epidemic?
Which volatile oils are anti viral? Bay
Black pepper
Ylang Ylang is one of the most effective volatile oils against viruses at the beginning of the list.
Tea tree oil
Juniper oil
Elemi is one of the volatile influences that may be our assistant while fighting viruses.
The volatile oils in the list are sold with very low weights such as 30 ml-50 ml.
Which essential oils are anti -viral? It is possible to take the ones that are suitable for your budget and taste from the list and use it for precaution for the virus epidemic.
These oils alone or by mixing together; You can use it by making a spray or gel.
You can also add some water into the incense and drip a few drops into the water. When used in this way, you will smell your home with essential oils, and at the same time the inner germ will be broken.
How do essential oils prevent viruses? Essential oils protect us by making a disruptive effect of the working principle of viruses in our bodies. Research shows that antiviral essential oils have the power to disrupt the working mechanism of viruses!
Essential oils directly intervene in their envelopes that allow viruses to protect themselves. It also has the power to prevent the harmful virus from entering the host cell.

Are volatile oils added to cologne? You can increase the protective effect of the cologne by adding your Ever Essential Oils or mixture volatile oils to the cologne.

Edible oil cologne mixture rate with an alcohol content of 60 %and over has a protective effect for corona viruses and other viruses. Adding only 1-3 %pure anti-viral essential oil to cologne with 60 %or more alcohol will increase the protective effect of your cologne.
It is recommended that you rinse your colonry before each use. Instead of cologne, you can also use anti -virals with 60 %alcohol content.
If you do not want to use alcohol, you can choose rose hydrosol or distilled thyme juice.
If you want to reduce the drying effect of your skin, you can add glycerin or vitamin E capsule.
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