PU-ERH tea is Chinese tea, also known as PU’ER or Red Tea. And it grows only in certain regions in China.
Tea obtained from the leaves of a plant called Camellia Sinnsis is a fermented tea unlike normal herbal teas. This means that the value of PU-ERH tea increases. In addition, the benefits increase and taste.
So much so that there are Pu’erh teas left for 25 years, 50 years or even over 100 years.
What are the benefits of PU ERH tea? Accelerating metabolism,
and also has a protective effect of cancer.
Helps weight loss.
There are scientific studies showing that it may be a protective for Alzheimer’s.
Liver friendly. However, it has a protective effect against liver fat.
Moreover, it reduces the effects of the evening due to alcohol reception.
It is antibacterial and antimicrobial.
It has an anti -aging effect. And fights free radicals.
It is inconvenient to consume more than 3 cups daily due to blood pressure elevatory effect.
The taste of PU-ERH tea is different. So much so that some people love this taste, while others hate.
High flavored. And it has a soil taste as if smoked. In other words, different flavors and different teas offers a taste that you must try.

Does PU Private Tea contain caffeine? Yes, this contains caffeine in varying proportions depending on the form of brewing. Therefore, excessive consumption should be avoided.
The rate of caffeine per cup varies between 30 and 100 mg. And this ratio is very close to the amount of caffeine contained in the coffee.
Caffeine consumption more than 400 mg per day is harmful to human health.

What are PU-ERH tea damages? Due to the effect of blood pressure amplifier, it is inconvenient to consume this tea more than 3 cups daily. In addition, the use of high blood pressure patients and people using blood pressure medication is inconvenient.

Weakening with PU-ERH tea, there are studies showing that PU ERH tea can help to burn stored body fat.
Drinking Pu Private tea helps the body to metabolize fats. And it allows you to lose unwanted weight.
PU-ERH tea is especially the most ideal time for consumption if it is to be used to lose weight.
In this way, it supports the rapid burning and digestion of the fats entering the body. Finally, for the best result, tea needs consumption without mixing with other plants alone.

How to brew PU-ERH tea? You can brew by adding a pinch of pu-erh tea into the boiling water. You can get tea as tea or layer of tea.
Especially the time is very important in brewing. The first brewing time of the plant lasts ideally for 1 minute. And in later brews, the time increases up to 2-3 minutes.
As a result, it is possible to brew the most delicious PU-ERH tea.
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