Rosemary with rosemary or other name; Fresh or dried in a fragrant, pleasant flavored plant that you can use. So do you include this special plant in your kitchen and tables?
Where is Rosemary used? To add a pleasant aroma to meat, fish and chicken dishes; For a unique last touch in salads, potato dishes… This special herbal tea that you can use can be consumed by brewing as tea.
Rosemary; From your mood to your intestinal health, it can be counted among the spices that should always be involved in your kitchen with its positive effects. Let’s take a closer look at the plant that grows this special, fragrant and easy plant!
What are the benefits of rosemary, how to use it? Rosemary has found its place even in classical literary works. Due to its positive effects on memory, its use is based on a hundred years ago. Not only does the memory strengthen the memory, the plant provides significant decreases in the general mood and stress level.
According to a clinical study conducted in 2018, rosemary shows a natural antidepressant effect.
It is usually consumed as tea to benefit from the mental clarity. Rosemary essential oil is also beneficial to smell.
Burning and smelling dried rosemary as incense can also be another way to benefit from stress and reducing effects. Is it possible to drink rosemary oil? Attention! Rosemary can be used in meals as a spice, and food consumption is completely safe unless it is overdated. However, rosemary oil is not an oil suitable for food consumption and has toxic effects. It is necessary to avoid drinking essential rosemary.

Rosemary tea Rosemary tea is dense and pleasant flavored. In consumption, as in every herbal tea, overdoing should be avoided. Fresh rosemary or dry rosemary can be preferred to prepare tea. It is brewed by waiting in hot water for 5 minutes. It is essential to avoid brewing the leaves of the plant over high fire.

Does rosemary weaken? The rosemary has no direct weakening effect. But it is a plant suitable for use when diet. It operates the intestines, activates metabolism and thus supports weight loss.

Is rosemary anti viral? Yes, it is among the antiviral plants. Rosemary oil with this feature; It is ideal for adding homemade hand disinfectants, soaps, detergents.

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