What is Sandaloz Gum?
It is a special product obtained from the sandaloz tree, where we can call your plant essence. This gum covered with a powder -like powder -like powder is a stone appearance when it does not see the heat. Sandaloz, which sees the heat, softens and tends to melt easily. Sandaloz is a hardness to break in the mouth easily. It is also referred to as gum that cuts appetite.
What are the benefits of sandaloz gum? Does sandaloz weaken? Sandaloz supports weight loss by providing a feeling of satiety for a long time.
It allows metabolism to work faster.
It is intestinal regulator and is seen as a remedy for constipation.
Gas in the stomach helps to reduce the feeling of swelling.
It is breathless and relieves the smell of bad breath.
How to use sandaloz gum? Sandaloz is a natural product that is often preferred to support weakening. Sugar in the mouth can be consumed by entering and breaking and swallowing.
It is also known that it is used by swallowing with water after being beaten from mortar.
It is used with 1 teaspoon ratio in the morning and evening.
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Sandaloz hungry stomach or a full stomach? The consumption of gum to the hungry stomach is recommended. In the morning and evening, a total of 2 teaspoons are consumed on an empty stomach.
Sandaloz gum apple cider vinegar cure
Apple cider vinegar gum sarcolosis gum effect with increasing effects with apple cider vinegar is also common. In the morning and evening, you can apply this cure by drinking 1 teaspoon of 1 teaspoon or beating and crumbling, then swallowing the warm water you add less apple juice from 1 tablespoon.
You can also prepare and use sandaloz gummy apple cider vinegar. For this, you can wait for the sandaloz grains by throwing homemade vinegar. You can consume it daily by adding it to warm water to warm water that will be slightly less than 1 tablespoon of mixture.
This cure should not be applied for more than 15 days. In vinegar use, it should not be overcome. It is ideal that vinegar is organic or homemade. It should not be used by stomach problems, pregnant women and nursing mothers.
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Sandaloz gum taste how? Sandaloz does not have a very prominent or sharp smell or taste. It is not a product that is difficult due to its consumption smell or taste.

Sandaloz gum is the same daily gum the same? No, sandaloz gum and daily gum is not the same natural product, the same natural product. Sandaloz gum is obtained from the sandaloz tree, and daily gum is obtained from daily or other name of the fitting tree.
Both plant essences also have different purposes. Although they are similar in the image, the difference can be easily understood with small details. Daily gum is more yellow, the smell is more pronounced. Sandaloz has a white -facing color and covered with a layer similar to the outside flour. This dust layer is not observed in daily gum.
Sandaloz can be heated in a pan like DDA daily and smoke can be used as incense. Click to examine the benefits and usage of daily gum! What is written is not a suggestion, it is for promotion purposes. You should consult your doctor before using our sandaloz.
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