“Is my skin dry or mixed?” “Or is it a little greasy?” It is possible to find answers to your questions such as.
If you are confused to detect your skin type, this article is for you!
Skin types, oily, dry, normal, mixed and sensitive.
All skin types need daily cleaning and moisturizing. However, different skin types have different needs. Since the needs are different, different products are preferred in different skin types.
Therefore, understanding your skin type is important to offer it the right care it needs.
But how do we understand our skin type?
In fact, it is easier to identify it than you expect, some observation leads you to the right result!
https://egepazarindan.com/yuzum-pul-pul-dokuluyoruyoruyu-nasil-geceker/ home skin type test in this article we will share with you 2 simple skin type tests. These methods will be very simple and are based only on observation.
In the first test you only need your cleaned skin and 30 minutes!
How Does?
Wash your face with a gentle cleaner to start and then dry gently.
Wait for 30 minutes without touching your skin too much or any cosmetic product, cream….
Do not spend time in the kitchen, bathroom during this time. Don’t sweat. In short, just rest and wait.
If you have a bright appearance in all parts of your skin after 30 minutes, you probably have an oily skin.
If you feel your skin tense and if you have flaking, you probably have a dry skin.
If your shine and oily feel is only in your T region, you probably have a mixed skin.
If your skin gives a moist and comfortable feeling, but if it is not oily, you probably have a normal skin.

How to perform skin type test at home?
Skin Type Type at Home: Drying Paper Test In the second method, we will receive support from drying paper specially sold for this process.
Drying papers will help you understand what kind of skin you have by absorbing oil on your skin.
If you cannot find these papers, you can simply use a napkin.
In this method, dry your face with a gentle cleaner and dry it and let it rest for 30 minutes.
At the end of the time, press the drying papers to various parts of your face. Then hold the paper towards the light to see the oil scars thoroughly.
If the paper shows plenty of oil in all parts of the face, you have oily skin.
If you have little fat or no fat, you probably have a dry skin.
If the paper shows only a small amount of fat from your T region, you have a mixed skin.
If you see a small amount of fat in every part of your face, you probably have a normal skin.

What are the skin types and properties?
Oily Skin Type Features
It produces excessive sebum that causes the skin to look bright and especially in the T area (forehead, nose and chin) to feel oily.
If you have an oily skin, you have a high risk of encountering enlarged pores, black spots, acne and acne spots.
Dry skin type features
It typically gives a dull and matte image. Flashing, spills are commonly encountered.
It makes you feel tense or less elastic.
Skin lines and wrinkles tend to be more prominent.
Itchy and irritation can be seen.
Normal skin type properties are a balanced skin type. Neither dry nor oily feel.
Exfoliation is not inclined to feel tense.
Pores are usually small. Skin defects are rare.

Mixed skin type features
This skin type contains both dry and oily areas.
The T region is usually oily and the cheeks have either dry or normal skin type properties.
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