Protein coffee Proffee or in other words “high -protein coffee” popularity is the subject of an increasing current.
Let’s take a look at all the details about this new coffee trend!
What is proffee? Proffee; It is a trend recipe that is simply prepared by mixing coffee and protein powder.
This recipe was met with excitement by users in social media applications and applied repeatedly and even diversified.
Although it is prepared in the form of protein shake pouring on the most commonly cold brewed or iced coffee, proofee can be prepared with extra materials.

What are the benefits of protein coffee? Of course, it is not yet possible to talk about the benefits of this new trend supported by scientific data.
However, users who closely follow health trends can be listed as follows:
Supports weight loss,
Provides extra protein to the body,
Makes it easier to focus,
Gives energy,
Supports performance increase.
Does confusing coffee into protein powder support to lose weight?
Weight loss is one of Proffee’s most frequently discussed benefits.
Some evidence supports that caffeine and protein can help to lose weight in some people when it comes together.
However, of course, these high -fat milk, cream and sugary syrups are not remarkable as a very inclusive and accurate information for the recipes in which they come together.
Protein Coffee Making Materials
Protein powder or protein shake
Ice cubes
Syrup (optional)
Preparation of
Start by brewing your coffee.
Mix the protein powder and water in a bowl using a whisk. You can also use a Shaker to create a protein shakei.
If you want to make this recipe using a ready -to -drink protein Shake, you can skip the steps of making protein shake.
Add ice cubes to your glass. Use as many ice cube as you want.
Pour the protein drink into the cup filled with an ice cube.
Add the coffee on it.
Mix your protein coffee.
Your protein coffee is ready, enjoy it!

Which protein should be used for Protein Coffee Proffee? Usually, a protein shake is used to make this recipe. This is the most widely used protein because it is ready to drink protein drink.
You can also use protein powder to make this protein coffee. The only difference is that protein requires a little water addition to the coffee to be drinkable. nlerdir-n-en-y-protein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein-trotein izlik
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