What are liver -friendly foods?
Liver; It is a vital organ that breaks down harmful toxicities, stores vitamins in the body and participates in protein production.
This organ is lubricated and sick for reasons such as malnutrition, excessive alcohol consumption, infection, genetic predisposition, weak immune system.
These diseases may have serious consequences. For that reason, we should look at our liver as our eyes and take care of our nutrition and often include liver friendly foods in our nutrition.
So, which are liver -friendly foods that prevent the fat of the liver and make our liver work better? Let’s take a closer look!
Liver Friendly Coffee! Research shows that coffee can reduce the risk of liver cancer.
Drinking coffee is also beneficial for people with chronic liver disease; There are studies that show that the course of the disease slows down and alleviates.
Coffee also prevents fat accumulation in the liver.

Olive oil! Research shows that consumption of frequent and abundant olive oil reduces liver fat and regulates the liver enzyme level.
Olive oil is useful not only for our liver, but also for our whole body.

Black grapes and black grape seeds black grape and grape seed prevents liver damage and maintains their antioxidant levels.
Grape seed should be used freshly.

The warm water with lemon yes you have heard correctly water is also a unique food for your liver. A glass of warm water with lemon, which will drink on the hungry stomach in the morning, cleanses the toxics in the body and makes your body alkaline. This is very good for your liver.

Radish brussels sprouts, broccoli and mustard grass, cabbage, Alabaş, radish, cauliflower, especially the Family of the Family of the Radish Family supports your liver health and regulate enzymes.
According to a study, broccoli sprouts are effectively protective against liver damage.

Liver friendly tea! Tea like coffee is also useful for the liver. Both black tea and green tea improve the quality of liver enzyme.
According to a study, tea consumption may have a protective effect against liver diseases.
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