Matcha tea is a kind of green tea in a completely smooth powder form.
What is Matcha, how to use it? With this antioxidant value, tea, which makes a difference to all other teas, is unique to Japanese culture. Today, it has already exceeded the borders of Japan and has spread all over the world.
Only the leaf parts of the Camellia sinensis plant are used for the construction of this powder.
The match has an antioxidant value of almost 10 times the green tea. In this high difference, the changing brewing and service forms of two types of tea are effective.
So when the classic green tea is brewed, the plant in the leaf or bud is blended with hot water and only water of the plant is consumed.
The match tea is in a completely dusty form. Dust and water are brought together and consumed together. In other words, the tea is not filtered and so the entire tea is consumed.
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What are the benefits of Matcha tea? Reduces cholesterol and blood pressure.
Develops cognitive function and has a positive effect on memory.
It is energizing.
It activates metabolism and encourages weight loss.
Balances blood sugar level.
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