Camoic oil is a very high flavored oil. It is a qualified herbal product that can be used in both skin care and hair care.
Latin name: cinnamomum camphora
Camoic oil; It can be yellow, blue, brown or transparent. However, only and lonely colorless oil is suitable for the use of skin and hair.
All of the colored campus oils are considered toxic and are absolutely not suitable for use on the body.
WHAT DOES CYROCK OIL DO? Caucry oil has various purposes.
It has anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it is a commonly used component in lotions, ointments and balsams.
Many people use this oil to reduce irritation, itching and pain. It takes advantage of the breath -opening effect.
In addition, camphor oil is a popular oil in cooking in India.
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What are the benefits of the skin to the skin? It is supported by studies that atopic dermatitis or eczema helps the treatment.
For this purpose, it is recommended that low -concentration products be preferred for use. And oil should not be applied to open wounds in any case.

Camoic oil is good for pain? Is it effective for headache? This oil is a commonly used component in pain relief drugs, including topical analgesics.
It helps to reduce muscle pain while stimulating circulation by interacting with receptors in the sensory nerves.
It is also effective in reducing chronic muscle and joint pain.
Cinnamomum Camphora oil is thought to be effective for chronic headache and migraine pain. However, their effects are still in the working stage.
Camoic oil is popular in aromatherapy because the breath -opening, cough and blockage relieving effects help to relieve respiratory blockage. It also has antitussive properties that can help alleviate cough.
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How to use? For this purpose, oil is widely used by diluting to the chest and feet. It can also be added to the hot water and breathe vapor.
What are the benefits of camphor oil to hair? How to use?
This oil helps to reduce itching in hair and get rid of the irritation of the scalp.
It can prevent dandruff and fungal infections.
Helps improve hair quality.
It is an anti -lice.
It can reduce hair loss and help to accelerate hair growth.

So how to use a café in hair? The simplest method is to include oil in daily hair care products and shampoo.
In addition, various mixtures and hair masks can be prepared with oil.
In order to accelerate hair growth, it is often used with coconut oil, moisture oil, olive oil, sesame oil, jojoba oil, hybiskus powder, cedar oil.
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