What are the benefits of hayit honey? Hayıt honey; A intense consistency, a qualified and high quality calf that changes color from its milking and frequently used healing.
Hayıt plant; It is a wild plant with high levels of estrogen. High flavored, fragrant. Pink, purple, eflatun and white flowers bloom. The flowering period is the summer months.
The leaves and flowers of the plant are edible. However, the most common way the seeds of the house are used for healing purposes.
Hayit plant is also known as “women’s grass .. It is used for support for infertility therapy, to increase fertility, to increase the number of eggs. In addition, menstrual regulatory and intense pain and pain in menstrual period is frequently preferred by women due to mild.
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/hayit-tohumu-50-g/” “color =” pink Hayıt plant honey also has similar properties to the hayit plant.
Hayıt honey can be consumed in a small amount of daily on a daily basis in order to protect against various diseases, especially gynecology.
This fragrant, delicious honey also has stomach relaxing, hormone regulatory, immune -strengthening effects.
How much should Hayit honey be consumed? Although this honey is often preferred for health benefits, its flavor is legendary.
In the morning, it can be used for health purposes for 1 teaspoon for an empty stomach. This amount can be increased without overdoing.
Hayıt honey can also be used in the construction of haayıt paste. However, hayıt seeds should not be used indefinitely and uninterruptedly. This can cause various side effects.
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/hayit-macunu-360-cc-hayit-tohumu-kuru/ It is used for time and then ended use.

Hayit honey can also be used by the men’s side of the hayit seed and hayit flower that women are frequently preferred for men.
It is known for its preventive effects for men.

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