Su jok therapy is an alternative healing method. The method is applied quite simple and it is believed that effective results can be obtained.
What is Sujok therapy? In the Sujok therapy, the lines on the palms and feet soles correspond to the organs in the body in other words.
“Water” in the word water-jok means hand. “Jok” means palm.
Applying Sujok therapy is quite simple. People can even use this method for their own. Moreover, this method has no known side effects.
Basically, therapy is applied by detecting the active regions corresponding to the organs in the hands and feet and stimulation of these regions. These warnings are thought to be healing.

What is Water Jok Application for? It is known that the application is used for a wide variety of complaints.
For example:
It is used in various mental problems such as phobia, depression, anxiety, addiction.
Su jok is believed to help to re -provide physical and mental health and re -balance.
It is used to get rid of neck, feet, hands, joint wounds and pain.
In skin and reproductive problems; It is used to get rid of inflammation -based complaints.
Sujok treatment is an acupressure type applied at certain points in the hands and feet with its simplest narrative.
The application can be made directly by hand printing, as well as Sujok pen. In addition to the pressure stimulation, various seeds and semi -precious stones are also used in some cases. nerler/
Slimming with water jok are practitioners who believe that Sujok treatment has a great potential to control obesity.
It is thought that slimming will be achieved by increasing blood circulation with water-jok and reducing extra lipids.

Water jok seed therapy is included in the therapy of natural plant seeds.
The seeds are included in the process by pressing the printing points or fixing on that area for a while.
Various seeds are especially preferred for various complaints.
For example; Round, sphere -shaped peas or black pepper seeds are thought to be good for eyes, head, knee joints and back disorders. And especially these seeds are used for these complaints.
Kidney -shaped bean seeds are used for kidney and stomach disorders.

Sujok garlic method Sujok garlic method is often used for complaints such as flu, flu, cough, colds and nasal congestion.
According to the Sujok garlic method, a clove of garlic is divided into two.
The cut garlic ends are placed on the thumb with the end of the top.
Medical tapes can be used to fix garlic.
It is recommended to apply to the right hand for women and to the left hand thumb for men.
The wrapped garlic remains for 4 hours. It is thought that it has a positive effect in a short time and cuts the cough.

SU-JOK AND BARAGE (Sujok nasal congestion) One of the most widely used seeds in Sujok seed therapy is black pepper.
Sujok black pepper method is generally preferred in nose and ear pains and sinusitis.
In the water-jok black pepper method, it is connected to the upper knuckle of the pepper black pepper.

How to use the Sujok ring? What does it do? The Sujok ring is used both by attaching and massaging to certain parts of the hand.
The purpose of this face is to help remove the energy blockage in the body.
In this way, it is believed that it will balance energy, help to lose weight and reduce the feeling of fatigue that does not pass. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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