The hibiscus is a great flavor in the season. It is added to pastry mortars. Roasted, prepared as olive oil appetizer or served with yogurt, yogurt is called the name. For dinner hibiscus, the curl leaf parts are usually used before returning to the flower of the plant.
Hibiscus grass; It is also widely used for medical purposes, in dry form. In dry form, especially the flower parts of the plant, the seed parts and the green parts can be used.
It grows in a wide geography such as hibiscus, Asia, Europe and Africa. It grows wild in many cities in our country, but is not widely used. In the Aegean, the hibiscus is well known and is used both in kitchens as a dining and to be healed against diseases. Kömeç grass, ebem gumeci, rocky flower, shining plant, rocky flower, ebekömeci and Malva sylvestis are also known as the names.
What are the benefits of the hibiscus? What is the Hibiscus tea used for? Helps digestion. It has a slightly laxative effect for people who suffer from constipation. 1 cup can be consumed by brewing as tea against constipation.
Hibiscus is anti -bacterial and anti -viral, fights infection. It has immune strengthening effect. It is especially effective in protection from epidemic diseases especially in seasonal transitions.
Anti -inflammatory. Sunburn, bruise, fly and insect bite, rash, and midwife deceit can be used for the skin. It is brewed as a hibiscus tea for skin applications and is applied to the problem area with the help of a cotton. The application can be repeated frequently. Thus, faster recovery is achieved.
Hibiscus tea can also be used for joint pain. It is reducing the pain in the joints with analgesic effect.
The hibiscus has a natural calming and relaxing effect. Because of this feature, it is known to be used in some anxiety drugs and sleeping drugs. It has difficulty falling asleep or healthy, long -term sleep, but if you don’t want to use a sleeping medicine, 1 cup of hibiscus tea can help you just before bedtime.
It supports breathing comfortably. It is expectorant. Softens the chest, cuts sore throat and dry cough, accelerates healing. It is supportive in chronic diseases such as asthma, bronchitis and emphysema.
It has anti-aging effect. It fights free radicals that cause skin aging. Hibiscus can be used as a tonic for skin care. Hibiscus is brewed like tea, completely cooled and applied to clean skin with the help of cotton.
It is also preferred as midwifery gargara. It is very effective in gum problems. Sage and salt can also be added when preparing garga.
Anti -cancer. In particular, protective effects against prostate cancer are supported by research.
Menstrual. Protects against gynecology. It is often used with nettle and midwife güceci hibiscus nettle. The effects of plants are higher. Hibiscus user reviews are usually very positive. If you want to buy the most natural hibiscus that collected from the countryside in the season and dried in the shade, visit our page! [Button Link = “” Newwindow = “Yes”] Now buy [/button]
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