Hildan grass or other common name, tooth grass, toothpick grass; Traditionally, vitiligo, psoriasis, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, diabetes, is a plant used for asthma.
It is also known that it is used for respiratory disorders such as asthma, bronchitis, cough and whooping.
At the same time this wild species; It is known to have strong antispasmodic effects.
Reduce heart contraction; It has the effects of increasing “good cholesterol” (HDL, high -density lipoprotein) and fighting bacteria, viruses and fungi.
Other name: Khella, Koşni
Latin Name: Ammi Majus L., Ammi Visnaga Lam.
How to use Hildan grass? The active ingredient of the plant is khelllin. It is known that Khellin is used using liquid medication. Many prescription drugs have been developed from Khella.
Mature fruits and seeds of the plant are also common to use tea.

Hildan OSU & Psoriasis Research shows that the oral removal of a chemical in the Hildan with exposure to sunlight with the exposure of sunlight helps to cleanse skin wounds in people with psoriasis.

Research on the effects of Khella in the treatment of vitiligo disease & vitiligo disease show contradictory results.
Some studies have shown that the oral removal or administration of Khellin, a chemical found in Khella, improves skin color when used with ultraviolet light treatment.
However, other research shows that the application of Khellin to the skin with exposure to sunlight does not heal the skin color.
Furthermore, some studies show that Khellin treatment requires longer treatment times and higher doses of light to improve skin color, similar to the effects of psoralen plus plus ultraviolet light therapy (PUVA).
What are the side effects of Hildan grass? What are the damages? It is not considered safe when taken at high doses or for a long time.
Long -term and high -dose use may cause side effects such as liver problems, nausea, dizziness, constipation, anorexia, headache, itching, sleep problems and sunlight.
Khellin, a chemical that may cause the uterus to contraction, is not considered safe to use during pregnancy, as it contains and may cause miscarriages.
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