Baoding ball; harmony balls, stress balls, concern balls, therapy balls, health balls, relief balls or Chinese meditation balls.
If you are wondering what these balls do, how they are used as a couple in a stylish box, this post for you!
The use of these balls dates back to hundreds of years ago. The balls are used most often to reduce stress, focus on the mind strongly, and to increase the skill and strength of hand – arm.
However, the possible benefits are not limited to these 3 items.
Baoding balls are not soft. They are usually made of iron material and are in double state.
How to use Baoding Ball? You can use the balls in two ways: by turning between your fingers or massaging various parts of the body.
Meditation balls can increase blood circulation if some textured or “rugged”. It is also known to be used for arthritis pain by massaging.
Baoding balls, which are hard and cool for touch, have extremely calming properties.
It is a good choice to use smaller Baoding balls (35 – 40 mm) for beginners:
Make sure that your ring and sparrows can balance a ball, your other fingers and your palm holds the other ball. You can start by turning the balls. Move the ball and sparrow fingers on your finger upwards and push the other ball down to change the positions. Focus on the weight of the balls in your palm and fingers and feel them.
As your movement becomes more compatible, you can skip the level by accelerating your movement.
You can start using larger and heavier balls at an advanced level.
Although these exercises may seem quite simple, they require full concentration and focus.
What does the Baoding ball do? Doctors in China sometimes recommend Baoding balls to patients suffering from fatigue. Because the balls are believed to activate different therapeutic pressure points in the palm. As a result, the idea that the patient will increase the internal energy flow is dominant.
Patients using stress balls reported that they had significant benefits, including the following:
Relaxed joints and muscles
Reduction in arthritis pain
Decrease in stress and anxiety levels
Developed memory
Advanced sleep quality
Increase in focusing capability

Baoding balls and arthritis pains can be applied to the body by massaging to get rid of body pain. In this way, it can stretch and strengthen the muscles and increase blood circulation.
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