It is a plant that black bush stamp bees and beekeepers love very much. Bees love this plant very much, beekeepers are more! The reason for this is the very pleasant aroma that the black bush gives to honey.
Landed plant honey is rare, consumed for healing intention.
The most commonly used fruits of the plant are used. In addition, the thorns of the plant are benefited. It is known that the local people use land shrubs in warts and boils.
What are the benefits of black bush stamps? These stamps are frequently used to get rid of constipation.
It is diuretic.
It disposes of edema accumulated in the body.
Strengthens the immune system.
It is known that people who shed the kidney stone or kidney sand are also consumed by drinking the black bush stamp and then drinking.
The stamp -like fruits of the plant are light color and soft when it first occurs. It is also consumed by eating in this form. The plant has no dominant and significant taste.
Over time, these stamps dry on the tree’s own branch, the color darkens and hardens. In this form, boiling and tea becomes suitable for consumption.
Although the plant is widely referred to as the name of the land shrub, this can sometimes vary from region to region. Shrub thorn, Xinjiang thorn, black thorn, playing thorns and Jesus thorns are other known names of the plant.
Latin, the larch plant, is known as Palurus Aculeatus.
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Where does the black plant grow? The regions where the plant is seen are spread to a wide geography. It is common in the coastal Aegean and Mediterranean provinces, especially in Muğla and its surrounding provinces.
It is also very common in Edirne, Kırklareli and Çanakkale.

Land shrubs are also used for evil eye! It is common to hang the larch thorn in a visible place. It is believed that these thorns will keep the evil away from the household and increase the fertility of the house.
Among the plants that are good in the eye, it is one of the ways of using the black bush, which is frequently mentioned and to attach it to clothes with a needle.

How to make shrubed tea? This tea is easy to prepare. The stamps are boiled for 10 minutes with 5-6 pieces for a cup and consumed warmly.
It is said by experts that people who shed kidney stones consume up to 2 cups per day from this tea.
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