With its simplest form of advanced transformation, it can be considered as evaluating it in another way instead of throwing it in the trash, instead of throwing it in the trash.
If we want to think about this concept a little more in detail, it can be understood that the issue is a little more complex.
Advanced transformation involves converting items into something equal or more use or value to reduce waste.
“Isn’t that the same thing as this recycling?” we can think. But the two are definitely different.
What is the difference between recycling and advanced transformation? The terms of recycling ‘and’ forward transformation ‘are sometimes used interchangeably. However, the two processes are actually indifferent and very different from each other.
Advanced transformation simply decomposes from recycling: for example, a plastic box used in recycling is passed through various stages and evolves into a lower qualified plastic.
https://egepazarindan.com/orman-terapisi-Nedir-saglik-ve- huzura-goturen-rapi/ Only in advanced transformation, it maintains the nature of the substance or is valued further.
It can be considered as successful upcycling examples to convert used pulses sacks into bags or transform the asphalt filling of broken surfing boards that have become unusable.
Recycling includes industrial stages. In advanced transformation, there are often these stages.
The original form is protected during upcycling and the object can be recognized. But it is now used for a completely different purpose. Even changing a cabinet or chiffoneri sanding, painting and handles can be considered as an example of a fast and successful advanced transformation.
However, advanced transformation is not only the transformation of objects themselves to better versions. Usually objects are redesigned for a completely different function.
For example, a simple plastic bottle can be converted to all kinds of different things. A facial shield, a plant flower pot, a irrigation container, and a bird’sger is only a few ideas that come to mind.
When a material or item is no longer unable to serve any purpose, it is much more environmentally friendly and wise than sending it to the trash.
As a result, the only limit of advanced transformation is your imagination and skills. However, even if you dream of something on your skills, you can try it, get a new skill or ask for help!
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