Why does garlic flourish? Especially in kitchens where pickle is not ready, it is a question that often pokes the minds.
Because, as completely white, the garlic used in pickles in the whole state is quite common for the color to change color after a while to return to green or blue.
So why is this happening? Why do garlic turn blue? Are blue garlic eaten? Or should we throw away all of the pickles that flourish garlic? Let’s find answers to these questions!
Why turns blue? Why does garlic flourish? The first thing that comes to mind is a problem in garlic. This is associated with the fact that garlic is a Chinese garlic, not domestic.
But the truth is not. Although it is more common in Chinese garlic, this greenness can be observed from time to time in domestic garlic, even in the domestic seed garlic that you grow and harvest in your own garden.
So why is the problem caused by Chinese garlic?

Why does garlic flourish? In fact, this is a simple chemical reaction. With its simplest expression, this is a copper sulfur reaction.
Garlic contains sulfur and when it comes into contact with copper, copper sulfate occurs. Copper sulfate is blue or green, sometimes blue-green color.
So where does copper come from?
There is no need for a high amount of copper to the emergence of this colored reaction. Even a little amount is enough.
Copper source is often vinegar in vinegar making. For this reason, garlic blooming event is more common in pickles established with vinegar.
However, the source of copper may be another source other than vinegar. The tools and equipment used in the kitchen or water can be the source of copper.

Is the blue garlic in pickle eaten?
Is it eaten in pickled garlic?
So, now we have learned why our real question is that the garlic that changes this color is suitable for food consumption? Can green or blue garlic be eaten?
The answer to this question is yes. These garlic that changes color has no negative effects on health.
There will be no change in the taste or smell of garlic with changing appearance.
Is Chinese garlic safe? In the emergence of this simple reaction, we learned that it is not directly relevant to the fact that garlic of Chinese origin.
So can we safely use Chinese garlic in our kitchens?
No! Unfortunately, Chinese garlic is not innocent. First of all, these garlic, which is in the classroom in terms of nutrition and flavor, may contain heavy metals such as sulfite and lead.
For this reason, it is important to choose domestic seeds and domestic production garlic in our kitchens. Kastamonu and Muğla are the Ula region stands out with delicious and old seed garlic. Taşköprü garlic and ula garlic are known as the highest quality garlic grown in our country.
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How to understand domestic garlic?
What is the difference between domestic garlic and imported garlic?
Domestic garlic is smaller gear. Each teeth may be of different sizes, large and small.
Chinese garlic is a very large grain, each female with a similar size and structure.
The aroma of domestic garlic is more intense and longer lasting.
The white outer parts of domestic garlic can be variegated color.
Chinese garlic has a very white and artificial appearance.
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