It is a light and fragrant plant that grows spontaneously near pure or piren pine forests. Maki type, shrub plant is green for 4 seasons. The flowers of the plant blooming in autumn and winter are usually pink tones.
There are various subtypes of the plant. Some species can also open white flowers.
Puren is also called vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner or heather. As the name suggests, the plant is used for the production of shrub beam in the past and even today. What is the puren honey? The honey of the puree, which is very popular and popular by the bees, is also very valuable.
Püren honey is preferred as a natural nutrient to support stomach, intestine and digestive complaints.
It is also supportive for liver fat and urinary tract infections. A glycoside substance called Ericolin contains is especially effective in urinary tract infections.
Another valuable feature of the plant is the effect of accelerating wound healing.
The taste and the smell of this flower honey is quite pleasant. Consistency and color is dark. It gives energy and health to the body.
Although there is not much awareness in our country, Püren honey is very popular, especially in European countries. So much so that the honey obtained from puree is considered a super nutrient.

Where does Püren grow? Puren is common in our Aegean and Mediterranean provinces. However, the growing area is not limited to these regions.
The Latin name of the species commonly seen in Muğla is known as Erica Manipuliflora.

When does Püren bloom? Unlike most of the flowers, pirates begin to bloom with the beginning of the cold. From the mid -autumn, pink colored, fragrant flowers are observed. Flowers remain on the plant until the middle of winter.

Although the honey obtained from Funda tea (piren) plant is used more widely, it is possible to consume the plant itself directly. Herbal tea can be prepared by brewing the flower and thorns of the puree.
Funda tea can be preferred in colds and flu. Softens the throat and strengthens metabolism.
It can be used as a supportive by brewing in cases such as kidney stone, urinary tract infection and diarrhea.

What are the benefits of Funda juice? Another product obtained from this plant is funda juice. This water is generally preferred for kidney stone – sand and urinary tract infections.
Funda juice hungry or full drink? Funda juice is usually consumed on an empty stomach for the highest effect. It should not be overcome in consumption. It can be drunk up to 1 or 2 glasses daily. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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