Holy basil; It is like the basic building block of the Indian basil (Holly Basil) or Tulsi Ayurveda medicine with the name Hindi. This aromatic, fragrant plant is perhaps lice of the most valuable healing herbs in the world.
Latin name: Ocimum Sanctum Holy Basil; Leaves, body, flowers and even seeds are also fully suitable for food consumption.
Usually used by brewing for adaptogenic effects, tulsi is also included as spices in Far East dishes. It has a very prominent and dominant aroma in meals.
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/kutsal-feslegen-40-gr-rolsi-hint-feslegeni/ The Indian basil to be used can be brewed alone or by blending with other herbal teas such as melisa and green tea. 1 pinch of jumpsuit is more than enough for a large cup of tea. What are the Benefits of Holy Basil (Indian basil)? It is a plant that is considered sacred, especially in India – as it will be understood from its army. The use of medical purposes extends to ancient times. It is considered a plant that can promote a healthy body, mind and soul.
In India, the tulsis are sewn to cover the surroundings of Hindu temples. The word tulsi means “unique, unique”.
The value of the Indian basil is also accepted in Western medicine. In Western medicine, the sacred basil is considered a strong and valuable adaptogen plant. This means that the plant helps the body to cope with stress. It helps to control many situations such as diabetes, colds and fever.
It helps to combat the negative effects of stress.
Balances blood sugar levels.
It promotes a long and healthy life.
In addition to being an adaptogenic plant, Indian basil also contains all of the following features:
Anti -inflammatory
Antitussif (Cough Removal)
Protects liver, brain and heart health.
A research conducted in 2017; He also argues that the sacred basil can “help modern life with psychological, physiological, immunological and metabolic stresses”.
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Where does the holy basil grow? The plant is most widely grown in India and Southeast Asian countries.
Tulsi; Today, in our country, it can easily adapt to various climatic types and produce.

What are the damages of Indian basil? Research has shown that the plant is completely safe for most people. Various studies have reported no side effects or slightly side effects.
Only one of the studies has been reported in a remarkable way to light – moderate nausea in long -term use.
However, most of the studies on possible side effects include quite short times. This means that the very long -term effects of the plant cannot be fully known.
Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women and nursing mothers do not use the plant in order to avoid possible side effects.
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