What are the benefits of red beets? Red beet; It is a delicious and very healthy root vegetable from the same family as chard and spinach.
Although the red root parts of the plant are often consumed, green stems are completely edible. However, the leaves are not sweet as root parts.
When is the red beet planted? When to gather? The ideal times for the cultivation of this vegetable are spring months. Beet can be cultivated in March, April and May according to the region.
In cold regions, planting should be done more recently in summer.
The harvest of the plant continues during the summer and even extends until October October.
Although the beet vegetables are red in the most common form, there are yellow and white color beets. However, among these species, the cancer fighter named Betacyanin, which is only red, contains the substance.
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How many calories?
1 portion of beets are considered to be approximately 100 g. The nutritional values ​​of portion beets are as follows:
36 kcal / 154kj
7gr protein
1 g oil
5gr fiber
6 g carbohydrate
150 mcg folate
380 mg Potassium
What are the benefits of red beets? Cancer is anti -cancer.
The red color of the plant is a substance that is thought to be protective against various types of cancer, especially bladder cancer.
Heart friendly.
With the amount of high nitrate it contains, it relaxes the cardiovascular vessels, reduces arterial hardness and helps to improve blood flow.
This indirectly reduces the risk of heart disease and paralysis.
Other nitrate -containing foods, such as beets, have similar effects on heart health.
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What are the foods containing nitrate? In addition to beet;
The bazaar is one of the nitrate -rich foods.
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Beet is one of the richest glutamine sources. Glutamine is very necessary for bowel health.
They are also rich in fiber and support the useful bacterial growth in the intestines.
What are the benefits of red beets? It has antioxidant and anti -inflammatory effect.
Red beet is considered one of the 10 most powerful antioxidant vegetables.
Especially the root parts have high antioxidants and anti -inflammatory effect. It helps to protect cells from damage.
What are the benefits of red beets? Energy and improves performance.
It improves exercise resistance and performance. It also supports rapid healing of muscles.
For this purpose, it is known that beet juice is used even by Olympic athletes.

What are the beet damages? Is there a side effect? Beet is among the foods considered safe for most people. However, people with kidney problems are excluded from this generalization.
It is a substance that should avoid those with high oxalate renal stone history contained in the beet.

Does the beet change urine color? After the beet consumption, the urine is common. Beet urine has a painting effect.
Red color sometimes occurs in feces.
However, this color is completely safe and harmless.

How to consume red beets? Is it eaten raw? Beet can be consumed raw or cooked. Beet salad can be prepared after boiling. Abundant olive oil, lemon, vinegar, garlic and spices are sufficient.
The entire material should be stored in the cupboard and in the beet’s own juice. This salad will be more delicious as you wait.
It is not right to add additional sugar to the beet salad. The beet’s own taste is already naturally sweet.
Beets can also be used in salads without cooking. Rawly grated is practical consumption.
Or it is possible to add flavor to the taste of this very healthy vegetable by preparing a beet pickle.

How to boil the red beet? It is effortless to boil the beets. Add enough water to pass on the beets you take in a large pot. And boil over medium heat.
The boiling time is about 30 minutes.
You can close the stove when the beets’ shells come to peeled consistency and when the beets soften.

Red Beet Benefits: What are the benefits of red beet to skin? The water of the beet, which is a very effective vegetable in skin care, can also be used in skin care.
The completely cooling beet juice is mixed with a little yogurt and applied to the skin with the help of a brush.
It helps the skin look brighter and more healthy.
Slows the signs of aging on the skin.
It cleanses the skin and also has the effect of eliminating skin blemishes.
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