Kumkuat, or other common name, is the tiny of the Kagkat citrus family, the most tiny, Vitamin Cari member.
Kumkuat tree is a green tree with 4 seasons. The length of an adult tree varies between 2 meters and 4.5 meters.
Trees grown in pots can be grown in a shorter size by pruned.

When does Kumkuat bloom? When does it give fruit? In the spring months, orange, a little later than lemon flowers, cumat trees bloom.
The flowers of the camp are white and very fragrant.
After the flowers, the trees give fruit at the end of the summer months.
These times can take place earlier or later in time than the type of kumat. Climate has an effect during flowering and harvest times.

How to grow Kumkuat? Call to grow kumkuat is quite effortless. Kamkat saplings can adapt to a wide variety of soil types. He likes high heat, abundant and direct sun.
It can withstand drought and thirst for a long time.
What he may need in particular is a well -drained soil.
In addition, this plant fully adapted to the Mediterranean and Aegean climate, although not much likes, adapts to temperatures below 0 degrees.
It can survive at temperatures that fall up to -7, -8 degrees.

Kumquat tree care does not require much maintenance of camps and trees. He doesn’t want much water. It is sufficient for the soil to be slightly moist.
Care should be taken to make irrigation frequently, at rare intervals and abundant.
Cleaning foreign plants in the soil and closing the root parts with gravel stones increases the plant’s water and nutrients from the soil.

Cumat fertilizer
If you want to give fertilizer to your tree and increase your efficiency, you can choose mixed fertilizers specially prepared for citrus trees, even for cumat trees.
Pruning of Kamkat: When is Kumkuat pruned? Cumat trees are not the type of trees that require too much pruning. Usually pruning is made to give a certain shape.
The ideal times for pruning corresponds to times after fruit harvest.
After the fruit harvest, the flowers can be pruning before they start to turn on.

Kumkuat Care in the Pot is the most important issue when growing up in the pot. The roots of the camp do not like to jam and very narrow spaces. Therefore, your flowerpot must be really large.
Another important point is that the pot of the pot you use is the hole. In the pots without holes, mold problem may occur in the roots.
If the tree is in an open area like a balcony, it is good to get it in winter.
Because the body parts of the plant are resistant to minus temperatures, but if there are root parts overflowing from the soil, these parts are completely irritated to the cold.

How to revive drying Kamkat? The most sensitive parts of this plant are roots. Usually problems are caused by roots.
When the roots begin to decay, the plant begins to dry and dies soon.
The cause of the decay in the roots is usually to grow in excessive irrigation and drainage -free pots. With the right flower pot and the right amount of irrigation, your tree survives for a long time and gives fruit with plenty of yield.
The reason for drying can be easy to solve this situation if the sunlessness. First of all, it is wise to change its location if the plant is in the pot.
If there are yellowing or completely dry leaves, they must be cut from the plant by cutting.
How to Eat Kumkuat? How many per day is Kamkat eaten? Unlike other citrus fruits, the fruit of Kamkat is eaten in a whole without peeling. Interestingly, the dessert part of the fruit is the outer shell and the sour part is the juicy part in it. Kumkuat is quite sour when it is not fully mature. However, when it matures completely, it gains flavor and the sweet sour gains a pleasant flavor. If the juicy part of the fruit is too sour for you, you can peel a small part of the end and squeeze the water and consume the remaining dessert exterior. 1-3 kumquat can be consumed on a daily basis. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists and campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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