Sütforafan is a unique phytochemical that is located in the kitchens and tables of all of us, even though it is far from the word.
WHAT IS SÜLFORAFAN? Foods containing Sulforafan
Sulforefan or briefly sfn; Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, black cabbage, radish, brussels sprouts, Chinese cabbage, turnip, arugula, alabaş, water cress, mustard grass, wild cults are also a very rich compound in terms of sulfur.
It is found in the most intense karalahaana, mustard grass and of course broccoli and broccoli sprouts.
So why is Süfforafan such an important component? Because it can reduce our risk of developing certain diseases. This disease includes cancer, depression, Alzeimer!
The daily destruction of our cells, such as oxidative stress, toxic chemicals that damage DNA, inflammation and solar radiation, acts as an internal defense.
In order to get the highest level of benefit from special and nourishing foods, Sütlordan Tank In fact, we need to choose certain cooking methods!
When the vegetables are chewed, chopped, crushed or mixed, the Sulforafan becomes activated!
In other words, vegetables should be consumed by chewing abundantly after breaking and chopping.
When the vegetables are exposed to too much heat, the enzyme becomes ineffective and cannot be transformed into an active form!
So vegetables should not be cooked too much.
So how to cook vegetables containing sulforafan in the most ideal way? For such vegetables, short -term cooking in steam is the ideal.
Vegetables should be chopped into small pieces and cooked in the steam pot for only 3-4 minutes. This time can be increased a little more for vegetables that are very hard.
Mixing vegetables during cooking and waiting for a while before you chop it into the furnace will increase the amount of sulforafa.
Key point!
Some specific together arrival can also be very effective on the amount of sulforafa we will take.
For example, the mustard seed, a natural sulforafan store, can increase the amount of sulforiafan taken from broccoli when it comes together with cooked broccoli!

Broccoli sprouts are the leading vegetables in which we can take the highest rate of sulphoria. However, sprouted broccoli seeds can allow us to obtain 100 times more subricular than broccoli.
It increases the benefit to be consumed after a thoroughly chewing of sprouts or passing through a blender.
If you sprout yourself, you may want to keep in mind that 3 -day broccoli sprouts have the highest yield!
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