The benefits of teff seed are among the seed foods, which are considered as a countless super nutrient. Small seeds with a rich content; copper, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc and selenium store. In addition to all these vitamins and minarets, teff seed is an excellent source of protein.
What are the benefits of teff seed? Teff is considered one of the best cereals for blood sugar control with its low glycemic index level.

Does teff weaken the seed? The digestion of teff seeds is long -lasting. And with this feature, it provides long -term satiety. This brings weight loss with weight loss more!
But it does not mean that seeds will help you lose weight miracles. Recently, products such as teff seed tea, which are popular in the market, contain a wide range of products except teff and their content is not known exactly. These unknown content may have negative effects on general health, especially intestinal health.
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How to use teff seed? Teff seeds are suitable for consumption raw or cooked. It is generally used in salads by grinding raw states.
Teff adapts to sweet and salty recipes.
It can be added to smoothies, salads, soups.
It is also possible to make healthy breads with teff flour or to make fit desserts with this flour.

How to cook teff seeds? How to use? [Button Link = “ The cooking time is up to 8-10 minutes.

TEF SEED PILAVI 1 CUP OF GREE FULL Grain Teff is made with 1.5 cups of water ratio with teff rice.

How to use teff seed with yogurt?
After the tambourine seed is boiled, it can be drained and prepared like yogurt with porridge. This mixture activates the intestines.
How to use teff seed tea?
It is possible to benefit by brewing tambourine seeds by brewing tambourine seeds alone instead of tea with uncertain content.
Teff tea is usually consumed about half an hour before breakfast. It gives a feeling of satiety all day.
1 teaspoon of the seeds for 1 tea glass boiled for 5-7 minutes and drained. It is very easy to prepare tea.
Long -term consumption of tea uninterruptedly is not recommended.
[Button Link = “ The seeds are not very dense or flavored. It has a taste that resembles soil, walnuts.
Waiting in water for 8 hours before consuming the seeds both purifies from the physical acid and facilitates consumption.
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