Frequency upgrade everything around us, every object and every human being has a frequency. Some of them are low and some are high. The frequencies of environments and individuals are not constant. They can change day by day, moment. We always want our body, mind, environment to be at a high vibration frequency. Thus, we approach our wishes to be the person we want. We move away from diseases and negativities in life.
Emotions such as anger, fear and anxiety are the leading emotions that reduce our energy frequency. Low frequencies make us unhappy and bring diseases with it.
Increasing the vibration frequency frequency upgrade work
With conscious processes, external and sincere effects, our frequency can rise or unintentionally reduce. We can get support from aromatic oils, plants, music and art to raise our body frequency.
Mind exercises, physical exercises, frequency upgrade meditation, prayer and affirmations also help to raise our body and mind frequency.
It is also possible to raise frequency with intermittent Aura cleaning.
Support can be obtained from high frequency sage plant for aura cleaning. Sage incense increases the frequency value of the environment.
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A container in the environment collects rock salt on bad energy. In this way, the frequency value of the environment allows to increase. This salt should be replaced at regular intervals – one -week. It should be taken out directly and should not be kept at home and should not be thrown into the trash in the house.
Plants with high frequency roses are the highest frequency plant in nature. 1 cup of rose tea quickly raises your body and mind frequency. Using rose water for skin care, dripping a few drops of rose oil into the water you wipe, roses or rose oil is also the frequency riser.
Household Energy Frequency Raising Excessive goods in the house, dusty areas, dark corners of the sun absorb and reduce high energy in the household. It is the simplest and most effective method of purifying excess goods, filling the house with sun and fresh air and increasing the energy in the household.

Frequency upgrade with aromatic oils and plants 320 MHz, button]
Fatal (Daily) 147 MHz,
Melisa 102 MHz,
Lavender 118 MHz,
Mint 78 MHz,
These plants are one of the highest frequency plants. You can use the essential oils of these plants by heating on the incense or by burning it directly as incense. In addition to the fragrances like mis, you can also benefit from the effects of the household energy.

Relationships and mind frequency love and respectful relationship is at the beginning of things that raise the frequency of the mind. Being with people with low energy causes your energy to fall too much. People with energy below 200 MHz are considered to have low energy.
When you think your energy is low, spending time with a high -energy, high -energy person will take your energy up.
Nutrition and body frequency, as well as everything we eat, have high and low energy frequency values. For example, the frequency of canned foods was measured as 0 MHz. Fresh fruits and vegetables are one of the most high vibrations. Giving priority to high frequency foods in our nutrition will be instrumental in the flow of our body at high frequency. [Button Link = “” Newwindow = “Yes”] Energy Cleaning [/Button] You can subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page you can.