What can we do to prevent forest fires? Recently, our country will burned our country with forest fire that was not cut back. Our oxygen storage forests, which host thousands of living things, became hectares in front of our eyes.
Desperation, sadness, anger… While living all these feelings together, maybe similar questions were passed by all of us:
“Can’t these forest fires be avoided? Can’t I do anything to prevent fires? What can be done individually to prevent forest fires?”
First of all, let’s look at the causes of forest fires.
Why do forest fires come out? The statistic information on this subject is really very striking: 9 out of every 10 forest fire comes from human beings.
Garbage thrown into nature, butts thrown near the forest land, barbecues abandoned without extinguishing, fireworks… One of the main reasons for forest fires.
At a lower rate, fires are caused by lightning and similar natural cause.

What can we do individually to prevent forest fires? Tell me!
If you notice a fire -burning fire in a wooded area, quickly call 112.
Remember, even a tiny butts on a dry and hot summer day can bring an end to a big forest. If you see smoke or fire in the vicinity, don’t be insensitive and inform the authorities.
Where should we call for forest fires? Telephones 112, 110, or 177 can look for a possible forest fire risk. Do not burn fire!
Avoid burning fire in forest areas. Fever is close in the controlled promenade areas, which are allowed to burn fire, and in the areas where you can open fire. Before you start to burn the fire, make sure that there are no easy -to -hold items, tree branches or shrubs in the vicinity. Extinguish!
Whether the small fever at the end of the smoking or a big camping fire in nature or near nature, never leave the fire without supervision and do not leave.
Make sure that it is completely extinguished when you are done with fire. Use water directly to extinguish the fever.
Do not use fireworks!
Never and never put the glass bottles that have a fire starter effect by showing the lens effect.
If someone has thrown such materials before you, take some time to collect them and throw them directly.
Don’t burn garbage!
One of the most common fire initiating reasons in the world is the uncontrolled garbage burning.
Avoid burning garbage uncontrolled to avoid causing forest fire!
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