Amber Stone Necklace and Bracelets are preferred by mothers during the teething period of babies. So what does amber stone do? Is it really effective? Are the amber necklaces and bracelets safe for babies? How to distinguish the real amber from the fake? Let’s take a closer look at the answers to these questions!
Amber stone is called as a “healing stone ında as well as amber stone. The reason for this is the substance called succinic acid contained in this special and natural stone. This substance has analgesic, ie painkillers. It is sufficient for the human skin to contact the temperature of the skin to show the pain relief effect.

Amber baby tooth necklace amber necklace is preferred for both adults and especially infants in the teething phase. The teething phase is a painful process for each baby. Babies; They suffer from high fever, restlessness and pain. Amber stone helps to make this process more easily. Relaxes the baby.

The benefits of amber stone also reduce saliva release during teething during teething.
It supports the baby’s overall health status and strengthens the immune system. Reduces the risk of developing diseases.
It is also believed to protect against evil eye.

How to understand the real amber stone? In order to see the benefits of this precious stone, the stone must be a real, original amber stone. The amber stone is an easily imitated stone. There are even plastic products sold as amber stones in the market.
So how is it distinguished from the real amber fake?
How to understand amber stone? Heat test
Heat a gathering needle thoroughly and press on the amber. The odor should have the smell of resin, which indicates that your stone is real amber.
If there is no smell, these stones are glass, if the heavy plastic smell comes out, this is a sign that the stone is plastic.
The heat test alone does not give a definite result on originality. Because, if another type of stone that relieves resin -like scents instead of amber is used, you cannot understand it as a result of the heat test.
Electricity test
It is often sold as amber and its appearance resembles the amber. There is a simple method to distinguish between prophecy. The stones are taken into a cotton cloth and rubbed. As a result of rubbing, amber stones will be electrified and will be able to pull small pieces of paper. The kopal stone will not be electrified at the end of this process.
Alcohol test
Copy and plastic in contact with acetone or alcohol are broken. But amber stone is not affected by contact with alcohol. However, glass stones will not deteriorate in contact with alcohol. If you suspect that the stones are glass, you can try the salt water test.
Saltwater test
Fill 2 -fourth of a glass with water with water and 1 -fourth with salt and allow the salt to be completely dissolved. Throw the stones into the water. Stones with glass and plastic will definitely sink to the bottom of the water. The real amber stones will remain on the surface of the water. If cobal is used for fake stones, the salt water test can be misleading, try other tests.
Are the amber necklaces and bracelets safe for babies? If the measures that prevent the risk of swallowing by throwing nodes between the stones are taken, the amber necklace will be safe for babies. In addition, any risk of drowning should be the key part that allows the necklace to be easily opened instantly. It is recommended not to wear necklaces and bracelets during sleep. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists and campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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