Sage Garga is one of the most ideal plants for use as a mouthwash with antiseptic, antibacterial and natural antibiotic effects. Rapidly affects and is easy to prepare.
What’s good for sage mouthwash? For problems such as mouth, throat and tonsil infections, fire, sore throat, colds, flu, bronchitis, gum disorders and coughing can be used by preparing freshly home.
“What is good for sore throat?” This question is the question in your mind, the simplest solution at home is to prepare sagemanga!

How to brew sage garga? Preparing sage is easy and effortless to prepare. But there are several small and important tricks. The first one should not use boiling water for brewing. Boiling water causes the healing effects of sage to disappear.
Instead, drinking water should be preferred at a temperature of 80 degrees that have not reached the boiling point, ie no bump. When your water is heated and evaporated, you will reach an ideal temperature if you close the gold just before the bubbling.
Another important point is the fresh preparation and use of the mouthwash on a daily basis. The island tea will lose its positive effects even if it is stored in the refrigerator.
You can choose fresh or dried sage for sage mouthwash.
Adding salt into it increases the effect when preparing the mouthwash, make sure that the salt is completely dissolved in water.

Ada Stream Garga Recipe You can use this recipe daily even when you feel a slight tickle or pain in your throat. It is completely natural and side ineffective. It is a much more affordable and healthy alternative than ready -made mouthwashes with intense chemical content!
4 5 branches of sage (fresh or dried) now review
1 cup drinking water (hot water that has not reached the boiling point)
Preparation on the sage branches pour the water you heated and close the mouth. Your mouthwash can be used when it reaches a temperature that does not burn its throat.
At the end of 10 minutes, remove the branches from the water, add a pinch of salt on request and mix. Here’s your mouthwash.

If you are going to use this mouthwash for diamond problems, it is appropriate to gargle immediately after brushing your teeth. It will relax your gums and give you refreshment to your breath.
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