Chi energy is a spiritual energy that helps to be physically stronger, mentally focused, energized and revived.
This concept is also understood as a short “chi”, çi çi ve or “chi law ..
Improving Chiyi can help heal health and welfare as well as physical positive effects.
What is chi? According to traditional Chinese medicine, Chi is the life force passing through each individual. It is an energy flow passing through and outside the body and in addition through physical inanimate objects.
According to Chinese medicine, it is believed that when your chin is strong, it passes through you; It fills you with life and health.
When your chin is weak, it remains still and still in your body.
The word means “air” or “energy”. Conceptually, it can be considered as “life force ındaki in Western societies.
China is believed to be the ultimate measure of vitality. Therefore, many people use the chi as a way to bring the mind and body to a natural, healthy state. The way to reach Zen and find the balance is through.
Qi, sometimes used in the same sense as the çi, but returns another concept. The two are close concepts but are different.
Qi refers to the act of reconstructing the balance within us.

Chi energy exercises are directly linked to the practice of development of Chii, Feng Shui philosophy.
Fever, soil, metal, water and trees are manifested as five elements. The aim of Feng Shui is to ensure that these elements interact in harmony with each other and to maintain the flow of Chi energy uninterruptedly.
As in any energy, Chi cannot be created or indestructible. It is a constant flow, flows, develops and becomes another form.

What can be done with Chi energy? Why is it important? It is believed that having a strong Chi energy can prevent stress factors that adversely affect our presence in daily life.
Having a weak Chi energy makes us more sensitive and open to the negativities that may cause our health, happiness and quality of life to deteriorate.
According to Chinese traditional medicine, it is hidden in the weather we breathe and foods entering our bodies.
He moves inside us with our blood. It is a piece that connects the mind, body and soul. It affects our dreams, emotions and thoughts because it is moved to our brain. nedir
Chi energy control so how do we balance the nofa? How do we check it?
By practicing, it is possible to improve our Chi energy and help it flow more stable.
This may be possible by doing regular exercises that stimulate the mind and body.
A few ways to balance your chi energy:
Tai chi
Breath Exercises
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