Biluochun tea is also a kind of pi lo chun green tea. It is considered one of the 10 most valuable and qualified Chinese tea.
The history of this tea dates back to 1000 years ago.
According to traditional Chinese medicine, there is a wide variety of health benefits such as delaying aging, preventing tooth decay and supporting weight loss.
The appearance is curved, like a snail. Therefore, it is called “Biluochun ..
This word means “green snail spring” with full translation.
Tea is green in color. The leaves are tight, dry tissue.
When these tight curly tea leaves come into contact with hot water, the bud opened like a green tea and then collapses to the bottom of the glass or teapot.
Harvest time is the spring month. The highest quality leaves are collected in April. There are even harvest festivals organized in this month.
The tea is soft, the smell is pleasant and floral. When brewed, the color of the tea is clear and greenish.
The price of tea shows great changes in connection with the quality. In general, this precious Chinese tea is sold with low weight.
What are the benefits of Biluochun tea? This tea contains many beneficial substances for human health, including vitamin A and C, amino acids, caffeine, flavanols and tea polyphenols.
It is mentally promoting vigilance. Supports focus.
It is thought to have blood pressure and cholesterol regulatory effects.
It may reduce the risk of developing heart diseases.
It helps to regulate fat metabolism with compounds such as caffeine, inositol, folic acid, pantothenic acid; Thus, it supports weight loss.
It has the ability to promote blood circulation. Research has proven that the risk of high blood pressure and coronary heart disease is lower.
It shows a certain level of anti -cancer properties with flavonoids in its content.
The leaves contain fluorine and fluorine ions. In this way, it provides a protective layer for teeth. The layer may have an acid anti -acid and preventive effect on the teeth.
It has antibacterial, antimicrobial properties. The reason for this is largely considered tea polyphenols and witness acid contained in tea.
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