Rock grove (sea fennel, water cress); It is a wild plant compatible with the Mediterranean and Aegean climate. The local name is Gölli, Sea Ibi, Sea Fennel, ear grass, sea grass, bitter oil grass. This wild plant grows most often in the Aegean and Mediterranean coastal provinces.
Laitnce name: Where is the Crithmum Maritimum Rock Koru? [Button Link = “ It grows spontaneously on the land. But it is not only unique to the seaside. It grows slightly away from the sea and grows on the slopes, especially in rocky areas.
Land grove is like a sea bean or sea bean, ie salty. In addition, the taste is slightly sour.
It is not common due to the bitter taste without processing.
The appearance and taste of the wild thyme reminds us.

So how to eat rock grove? Usually this grove is consumed by preparing as pickles. Pickle rock grove is a great accompanying particularly to seafood. The ideal of pickle is very alive and crispy.
Pickle can be served in a plain state, as well as sautéed in onion and butter and also add flavor to the flavor is possible.
I don’t have time for pickles, but if you say I can’t wait, you can also prepare the rock protection in plenty of olive oil. Your appetizer will be the favorite of the table with this state!
Rock grove is served together with garlic yogurt in some regions, but this procedure is not very common.
What are the benefits of rock protection? There are many positive effects of skiing on health. It is known that it is effective in reducing varicose veins, and in stomach complaints are also effective in lowering cholesterol and sugar and it is used by the local people for these purposes.
It is not surprising that it is preferred by goiter patients with intense natural iodine.
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Does the rock grove sound good to the ear? The plant also helps to get rid of external and middle ear pain.
If the skior is to be used for this purpose, it is usually brewed like tea and is consumed daily on a daily basis. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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