Jaggery is a sweetener prepared with unrefined or less refined, offering a beautiful alternative to white sugar.
It is also known for its various names such as Gur and panel.
It is widely used in India, Far East, African kitchens. Recently, its popularity has increased all over the world.
The raw material is usually a sugar cane plant. In addition, Jaggery can be prepared from palm tree.
It is prepared by pressing and distillation of the water obtained from btiff. At the end of the processes, a tissue like yellow – orange -colored paste is obtained.
This paste is then transferred to the molds. The color of the product can be diversified from yellow to brown. Color gives information about the quality and quality of Jaggery.
Light tones are considered more acceptable. It is lighter.
https://egepazarindan.com/stevia-bitkisi-nedir-seer-otu-nasil-kullanililir/ Is it better than Jaggery sugar? It is clear that this substance is a better choice in terms of nutritional values ​​than refined sugar.
The raw material of the obtained jaggery can bring differences in nutritional values.
However, more than 70 %of this sweetener named Gur in general is sucrose. It contains around 10 %glucose and fructose.
In addition, the work contains amounts of protein, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese, calcium, zinc, phosphorus and copper.
In other words, Jaggery has a more nutritious profile compared to refined sugar.
Refined white sugar contains only empty calories. In other words, there is no vitamin or mineral.
Nevertheless, it would be wrong to treat this item a “super nutrient”. As a result, it also contains largely sugar like white sugar. And in consumption, you must be restrained.

How to use Jaggery? It can be used in a versatile way like sugar. It can be added to food and beverages by grating or dividing into small pieces.
It is used in traditional dessert recipes in Indian cuisine, which is the most widely used kitchen. Usually it is accompanied by peanuts, coconut, Heavy Cream.
Chakkara Pongal is one of the most popular recipes made. It contains rice and milk.
This sweetener, which is increasingly popular in the rest of the world, is widely used to sweeten tea and coffee.

How much should be consumed daily? This natural sweetener should be controlled in consumption of white sugar and should not be overcome.
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