Leptin resistance
In the 90s, scientists were deemed to have no function other than keeping our body warm and storage energy. However, with the researches, these fat cells also assumed a much more important task.
Fat cells provided the production of leptin that regulates body weight.
With the first research, it was discovered that the leptin hormone stopped a special gene that caused obesity in mice. Leptin was injected into obese mice with a weight of 3 times normal mice, and as a result, it was seen that the mice approached normal weight by losing weight.
What is leptin? The root of the word leptin comes from the word “leptos olan, a Greek word. The meaning of this word is “thin ..
The leptin hormone is directly connected to the hypothalamus.
Leptin is produced by fat cells. The more fat cells, the more large amounts of leptin hormones are produced.
So the more fat we have, the more leptin is secreted to suppress our hunger.
When there is a scarcity of food, our level of fat and leptin decreases. In this case, our feeling of hunger increases. Our body enters the energy saving mode, our metabolism slows down, the reproductive system is closed.

How does the leptin system work? In summary, the mechanism should be worked as follows: If we have too much fat, our appetite should be closed, if we do not have enough fat, our appetite should increase. But for various reasons, this system is not always able to work correctly.

What is Leptin resistance? When the locks on the surface of the cells do not take the leptin for some reason, we experience low leptin symptoms, even if we have sufficient fat stores, even if leptin levels are high. Of course, one of these symptoms is of course a feeling of hunger!
In other words, if we describe it in the resistance of leptin: all the energy needs of the body have been met, but the feeling of hunger continues!

What are the symptoms of leptin resistance?
Leptin hormone deficiency symptoms
Fast weight gain and obesity related to it
Hormone imbalances
Low thyroid level
Feeling of fatigue
Predisposition to inflammatory diseases
Many experts think that there is a correlation between common problems such as high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and diabetes and leptin resistance.

How to deal with Leptin resistance? Carbohydrately weak, protein -rich diets provide support to leptin balance. Eating frequently during the day, snacking disrupts the balance of leptin. A small number of meals is one of the most important factors in the reconstruction of the balance of avoidance of snacks.
Avoiding blue light at night is important to reset the leptin. The screens of digital devices are constantly blue light!
If you are having sleep problems, it is very important to solve it with the leptin problem. Short -term, insufficient, poor quality sleep is linked to the leptin problem.
Excessive stress affects leptin sensitivity and causes hormone imbalances. Focus on the ways of coping with stress!
Cold weather helps to increase the sensitivity of cold water leptin, good for the body. Sleeping in a cool room, taking a cold shower supports the balance of leptin.
There is a correlation between intestinal health and leptin level. It is important to focus on increasing the number of useful bacteria in the intestines and avoid foods that you are sensitive and allergic.
Leptin diet Drinking coffee prevents leptin hormone? Coffee without sugar and milk does not prevent the hormone of coffee. However, if milk, sugar or coconut oil is added to coffee, the leptin hormone will be prevented. In the same way, tea will not block the lepture as long as additional sugar or lemon is added. Is the leptin hormone taken from outside? Yes, the leptin hormone can be taken from outside. The leptin hormone needle or leptin is sold in the capsule form. However, the external hormone cannot show the desired effect on the body. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists and campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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