Astaxanthin or Astaxanthin is one of the most powerful antioxidants known in nature. It is naturally found in foods such as salmon or krill.
Astaxantin is generally preferred in food supplement form. There are many proven benefits on human health.
At the beginning of these benefits is the right and adequate protection from the sun.
The sunscreen effect allows the preference of astaxanthin especially from summer months.
What is asakantin? It is a carotenoid naturally found in seafood and microalgies and microalgies.
Carotenoid is usually seen in plants and algae. It is the reason why plants are bright and colorful.
Just as Karaten gives an orange color to the carrier, astaxantin gives salmon, krile or even flamingos red – pink color.

What does Astaxanthin do? We talked about the sunscreen effect and high antioxidant value, but what are the other benefits of astaxant? Come on, let’s look closely!
Fights with inflammation and pain!
Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant, but astaxantin can contain more antioxidants up to 6000 times it!
Free Radikaller fights. There are studies showing that it can help reduce neuroenflamation in such a way that every antioxidant cannot.
It is seen as reinforcement for Alzheimer’s disease.
It is thought to be effective against eye damage.
Joint inflammation can be used in diseases such as carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis with pain relief effect.
It has an anti -aging effect!
It helps to increase skin elasticity, reduces the visibility of old age spots and provides the removal of wrinkles.
There are studies showing that it provides noticeable benefits in sun -related skin damage within short periods of four to six weeks.

Astaxantin is also effective on hair loss! Astaxantin comes from the beginning of the most preferred supplements of those who suffer from intense hair loss recently, and this is definitely not a coincidence!
Astaxantin is effective in both male and female types of baldness.
DHT (Dhydrotestosterone), which causes baldness, reduces rapidly and reduces hair loss or even stops.
In summary, asthaxantin added to a healthy diet can provide you with a brighter skin, healthier hair.
It supports heart and brain health. It helps you to purify joint pain or inflammation.
Be sure to consult a specialist before you start using astaxantin!
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