Nioli oil is one of the basic aromatherapy oils of the same family as the popular essential oil of recent times.

What is Nioli oil? Niaouli oil is known as egoliptol, niaouli oil or melaleuca.
Nioli oil is similar to the tea tree and can be used anywhere.
It is one of the fragrant essential oils suitable for the use of diffuser or incense. If it is to be used in this way, it can be mixed with eucalyptus, bergamot, lavender, oranges, fennel or coriander essential oils, and their odors are compatible.
It can be used in skin application after mixing with fixed oils. However, it is not recommended to apply to the skin directly without dilution. This can cause irritation on the skin.
[Button Link = “” Color = “Green” Newwindow = “Yes”] What are the benefits of cay-agaci-yagi-gul-suyu-nasil-tonic-tonic-yapimi/ nioli oil? What does it do? Acne is preventive. It is an essential oil that helps to get rid of acne and warts and traces connected to them.
It helps to get rid of skin problems such as warts and herpes. While the herpes have not yet emerged, a drop of nioli oil can be applied to the area with cotton sensitivity on the lips to prevent herpes from coming out.
It can be used by joining the mouthwash water for mild sore throat. It alleviates pain. It is expectorant.
It helps to get rid of oral aphthae -like wounds and gum inflammation.
It is used in the treatment of wound and burning support. However, it should not be applied to open wounds.
Joint pain can be preferred as massage oil for rheumatic pain. It has an important place among the volatile oils of anti -antiviral, antifungal and anti -inflammatory properties.
Nioli essential oil can be used for fungus, nail fungus and callus complaints by dropping a few drops into hot water or nails can be rubbed with Nioli oil. It will be very effective in two methods.
When used by smelling, it has soothing, calming. Facilitates focus. Reduces mental blur.
It is used to prevent vaginal infection and to regulate the vagina flora. It fights complaints such as vaginal itching, discharge, bad smell.
For this purpose use, a few drops of nioli oil can be dripped into the softening eye of the washing machine while washing the underwear. Oil can also be dripped directly into underwear. In this way, more than 1-2 drops are not recommended. The direct contact of the oil with the vagina should definitely be avoided and may cause irritation.
Nioli oil is known to be used in urinary tract infection and cystitis niaouli oil for urinary infections. For this purpose, it can be used as used for vaginal infection.
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