Foods with antioxidant content; Protects us against diseases, supports our general health status and provides protection against all free radicals.
Adding antioxidant -rich foods to our meals allows us to stay more fit, feel better and get less illnesses.
Should we remove weak foods from our diet in terms of antioxidant? The answer to this question is clearly no. All healthy foods may not be rich in antioxidant care. This does not mean that we should stay away from them. Various vegetables that are poor in terms of antioxidants also provide support to our health with various vitamins and minerals.
For example; Celery vegetables are a very weak vegetable that can be called antioxidant. However, it is a must for our intestinal health with its intense fiber ratio. Both the stalk and green leaves of celery should not be missing from our tables during the season.
What we can easily reach, we have never missed our table, and we have never heard even before… Let’s take a close look at the richest nutrients in the world in terms of anti -oxidant!
The richest nutrients of antioxidants will be sharing the results of a research with you in this article. In this study, up to 3100 various foodstuffs from 24 different categories are discussed. Even though we could not share the entire list with you, we have included foods at the summit of the main categories in our article.
Fruits with the highest antioxidant value
For 100 grams:
Pomegranate 55.5
Blueberry 48.32
Sour Berry 27.3
Wolf Grape (Goji berry) 4.31
Apple 3.8
Vegetables with the highest antioxidant value
For 100 grams:
Baobab Tree Leaf 48.1
Boiled artichoke 4.54
Boiled red cabbage 2.15
Beet 1.68
Brussels cabbage 1.33
Nuts, cereals and legumes with the highest antioxidant value
For 100 grams:
Walnut 21.9 review
Pikan Walnut 8.5 [Button Link = “” Newwindow = “Yes”] review [/button]
Sun sunrise 6.4
Wheat 3.23 review
Buckwheat whole wheat flour 2 review
Millet 1.3
Spices with the highest antioxidant value
The antioxidant values ​​of spices are surprisingly high in all foods!
For 100 grams:
Clove 277.3
Mint 116.4
Yenibahar 100.4
Thyme 63.4 review
All these antioxidant -rich foods affect our health positively. These foods do not include the accessible ones in our tables during the season, it will make us and our loved ones more resistant to diseases! You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists and campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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