What is SOHAM MANTRA? So how to make raw mantra meditation? Mantra meditation is one of the most common types of meditation taught in India as part of the Indian Yogi tradition.
The most important universal mantra that everyone can use for meditation is SOHAM or HAṁSA mantra.
The most important point about this mantra is that you do not need to guide any kind of guidance to apply it.
This powerful mantra that everyone can apply; Let’s examine his meaning, purpose and benefits more deeply!
What is SOHAM MANTRA? So what does it mean? Soham, so hum or so raw mantra means “I am o.
“O” or “O” refers to what is beyond time, space and causality: the absolute truth, the ultimate reality, the higher self, the higher self, the supreme and cosmic consciousness, Brahman or God.
So the raw mantra is considered a universal mantra. Anyone can use whatever the belief or belief system.
Because it is said that So’ham is the natural voice of breath. You can hear two syllables in each breath by carefully listening to breath during meditation.
Soham is the mantra of breath. This is not a religious mantra; This is the mantra of breath.
Although this is the most common mantra frequently taught by yogis, it does not mean that it is not important or strong.
When the so’ham mantra is used for meditation meditation with so raw mantle, synchronized with breath, breathing with SO’s voice and breathing with its raw sound.
This mental repetition is called Japa. In this mental jap, lips, tongue or throat muscles are not held.
When the mentally happens spontaneously and without any effort, this is called Ajapa Japa or simply the highest form of Japa.

So how to make raw mantra meditation? Some important points to consider when making this meditation are as follows:
Keep your back straight and upright and sit in a comfortable and fixed posture.
Gently close your eyes and direct the inner view to the point between the two eyebrows.
Systematic loosen the entire body.
Provide the natural flow of breath using a diaphragm breath.
Then repeat the mantle by breathing and repeat mentally.
It is very important that you do not force or change the breath while repeating mantra.
Let the mantra follow the natural rhythm of the breath.
Although we consciously repeat the mantle mentally, it is ideally allowed to reiterate the mantra in the future.
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