Sugar alcohol are sweeteners with about half calories of normal sugar.
What is sugar alcohol? Is sugar alcohol harmful? Sugar alcohols are naturally found in some fruits and vegetables.
However, some species are made by human hand and are added to processed, packaged foods and beverages.
The source of sugar alcohol, the formation of use and the other components that accompany it are necessary to say whether it is harmful.
Sugar alcohols are used in most packaged product content that used expressions such as “does not contain additional sugar” and “sugar -free”.
In the contents of these products
Hydrogenic Starch Hydrolysis (HSH)
The name of one of the sugar alcohols such as isomalt is written.

What are the characteristics of sugar alcohols? Sugar alcohols are widely used in diet products. Choosing sugar alcohol instead of sugar and other high -calorie sweeteners can support weight loss.
However, sugar alcohols are generally used with other artificial sweeteners and various preservatives in foods. This reduces the nutritional value and quality of nutrients. Therefore, it is very important to read the product tag.

Which products are sugar alcohols used? In addition to low calorie, sugar alcohols are low -calorie, sugar alcohols do not cause tooth decay like other sugars. Therefore, they are also used in the production of products such as sugar -free gum and mouthwash.
Fit energy bar, ice cream, pudding, confectionery, cakes, cookies and jams such as low -calorie and sugar -free foods, such as sugar alcohols are included as a component.

What are the side effects of sugar alcohols? The small intestines do not absorb sugar alcohol well, so less calories enter the body.
However, gas, bloating and diarrhea complaints may occur in too much consumption of sugar alcohols.
In particular, more diarrhea effect may occur in the excessive consumption of foods containing mannitol or sorbitol. There are also warnings on the package of these products that eating too much from these foods may affect such as laxatives.
Irritable bowel syndrome is not recommended for consumption of sugar alcohols of people suffering from IBS.

Is sugar alcohol halal? Despite the name of sugar alcohols, it does not have alcohol content.
Therefore, it is considered to be halal by Islamic scholars.

Is sugar alcohols keto friendly? Most people meet sugar alcohol.
Unlike other sugars, sugar alcohols do not cause sudden fluctuations on insulin values ​​and blood sugar. Glycemic indices are low.
As it will make it difficult to stay in ketosis, sudden fluctuations in blood sugar are absolutely unwanted situations throughout the keto diet of high blood sugar levels.
With this feature, alcohol candies are common in products suitable for ketch diet.
Some types of sugar alcohols are even more suitable for keto diet.
For example, erythritol is seen as the ideal species for keto.
In addition to erythritol, xylitol, sorbitol and isomalt are keto -friendly alcohol candies.

Maltitol has a higher effect on blood sugar than others, and therefore it is not exactly suitable for keto.
Sugar alcohol
What is Sorbitol? What are the damages? It is a widely used sugar alcohol. It is especially used in sugar -free gums, toothpastes and diabetic snacks.
Sorbitol is also widely used in cosmetic products. It has a wide range of use from hair care products to mouth care products and lozenges. It is found naturally in some fruits.
It comes to the forefront with the fact that it does not cause tooth decay.
Digestive problems may be seen in excessive consumption or in cases where it cannot be tolerated.
It is also thought that chronic diarrhea in people who chew over excessive gum may be linked to the sorbitol.
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