Keçiboynuzu juice benefits are numerous. Let us examine the fruit of this special and only the fruit specific to the Eastern Mediterranean countries, which resemble the horns of a goat, which is the Latin name Ceratonia Silqua and the form of a goat.
The outer shell and interior of the carobic fruit are edible. It is not recommended to consume the seeds in whole. However, when fully grinded correctly, the seeds are also suitable for consumption.
The ideal and nourishing state of carob powder is prepared by grinding with all parts of the fruit.
Another important point in the ideal goat horn dust is that the fruit is not roasted, not exposed to heat.
Carobic fruit is naturally sugary. This feature makes it a unique alternative to artificial sugar. In the recipes prepared with the dust of the carob flour, neither gluten flour nor artificial additional sugar is required.
A naturally prepared flour is both flour and sugar tasks from carob fruits!
It’s not over!
Carob is also used as an alternative to cocoa in recipes. Carob, which has a lower fat ratio and a higher fiber ratio than cocoa, is quite affordable compared to cocoa.
In addition, the goat horn is a completely gluten -free and cafe -free nutrient.
[Button Link = “” Color = “Purple” Newwindow = “Yes”] Now buy [/button] what are the benefits of carob? It has positive effects on cholesterol levels.
It accelerates digestion and helps to relieve constipation.
Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
Important macrinarals such as potassium and calcium include a level to meet our daily needs.
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Carob nutrient values ​​1 tablespoon for about 12 g of carob powder:
28 calories
10.4 grams of carbohydrates
0.8 grams of protein
0 grams of oil
5.6 grams of fiber
5.6 grams of sugar
4 milligrams of sodium
42 milligrams calcium
100 milligrams of potassium
0.32 milligrams Iron
The benefits of goat horn also focus on sexual problems.

Is it good to harden your carob?
Improves sperm number and quality.
Increasing the level of testosterone.
Sexual desire is increasing.
Sexual strength and power.
Sexual impotence and the number of sperm are generally used in cure applications to improve quality.
How to Cure Goat Horn?
Carob water
The fruit itself or the ground powder can be used for cure.
If the fruit is to be used, the fruits are boiled.
Cure application lasts up to 4 days. It is repeated once a month.
How to eaten your carob? The easiest way to consume the fruit of the carob is to buy it ground. Dust can be consumed by mixing in yogurt or honey.
Fruits are simply eaten. If the fruit comes hard, it can be eaten by waiting in hot water.
If only one daily consumed on a daily basis, the benefits of carob are quite high.
It is perfect for suppressing the widespread sweet crises in diet.

Wild Carob tree is the trees that are unaccredibly and grow spontaneously in nature. It has longer and harder fruits compared to those with vaccinated.
It is a species that grows spontaneously in the Mediterranean climate. Fruits are very valuable.
Carob water
The benefits of carob juice are boiled and the juice is obtained.
This water makes it easier to get rid of cough and sputum.
Protects from flu and flu.
It also has a sexual power -enhancing effect.
To prepare the water, 3-4 fruits are broken and boiled for 8-9 minutes.
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