Solid shampoo is an increasingly popular alternative products in recent years. These products, which are much more environmentally friendly than liquid shampoos, are different from soap as images.
The most important feature that distinguishes solid shampoos from liquid shampoos is that water is removed from its components.
The pH of solid shampoos is usually equal to the skin. They take up much less space and do not carry the risk of shedding while traveling.
1 unit of solid shampoo offers a very economical option with its arrival until 2 units of liquid shampoo.
Solid shampoos contain vegetable oils and perfumes just like liquid ones. These contents can be diversified as natural or natural spouse.
But what makes solid shampoo and soap different from each other?
What is the difference in solid shampoo soap? Classic soaps; It is prepared from oils that react with costic or spouse ash water. In addition to a basic oil, additional essential oils and flavors are also used in soap making.
Soap -making can be defined as more costly and easy than shampoo.
The pH of the soaps is generally over 8. And there is almost no way to reduce it below 8. This rule applies even for soaps sold as “hair soap” or “pH balanced”.
However, the ideal pH value that hair needs is much lower than 8 degrees.
These products, which are constantly high pH, ​​have positive results in hair care and cleaning. Because unlike our skin, our hair does not have a protective acid mant.
Hard and matte hair is the most common problem due to the use of soap. Later, it is easy to break and dry hair that will be easily broken.
In order to minimize these problems, rinsing with vinegar water may be recommended after hair cleaning with soap.
Solid shampoos solid shampoos are different from soaps in terms of all these negativities.
The pH of these shampoos is low and compatible with the scalp, just like liquid shampoos.
Even in regular use, they do not damage the scalp and do not dry the hair.
Most of the time, there is no need for the use of hair conditioner after washing with these shampoos.
This large different creator between soaps and shampoos of solid properties is the amount of oils used in the simplest way.
In the component of shampoos, much higher coconut oil, palm oil or similar oils are used compared to soaps.
In summary, solid shampoos and soaps may look similar, smell and even make you feel similar. Similar substances are used in its contents. However, the proportions in production stages are quite different. should we use solid shampoo? What are the benefits? It is much more environmentally friendly than liquid shampoos. Causes lower carbon footprint.
Concentrated, used for a long time and economical.
Easy to be carried and does not take much space. In this respect, it is much more advantageous for travels than liquid shampoos.
Multi -purpose. These shampoos are often not only used for hair cleaning and care. In addition to hair, it can be used as a shower gel, shaving cream, animal care shampoo and even a natural outfit detergent.
How to use? Using solid shampoos is not really different from using liquid shampoos and is equally easy. It is enough to follow these steps: soak both shampoo and your hair
Apply the shampoo directly to your wet hair.
Massage your scalp until a light foam is formed.
The shampoo will foam, but this foaming sulfate will not be as much as a liquid shampoo. And finally rinse your hair in the usual way.
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