Iridology or iris analysis is an application that examines the eye iris of the person and the influx of eye around it.
What is iridology? This practice aims to explore one’s physical and mental weaknesses and strong sides.
The basis of the application is based on Far East science. In the past, this examination and application are made only with the naked eye and support from medical devices today.
Every human eye is like a fingerprint. When examining the iris, its shape, color, bomb, layers and stains on it are taken into consideration.
Iridology does not recommend any treatment method according to the result when making an alternative diagnosis to the person. In other words, the scope is limited to diagnosis.
Some iridologists focus on the detection of organs damaged by external factors rather than the diagnosis of possible diseases. Malnutrition tries to determine which organs are damaged by environmental toxicities and stress.
According to iridology, the rings in the iristian corresponds to each small part of the ir of an organ or organ group in the body. By examining these regions, possible risks in these organs are tried to be revealed.
It is accepted that iris consists of 6 different rings.
For example, it is accepted that the first ring in the inner part of the stomach and the second ring that followed in the intestines.
After each layer and part of the iridology map is examined, a personalized map is produced. This includes the possible health problems and susceptibility of the wonderful person. Similar to iris analysis and is usually applied together is sclerology.

What is sclerology? Sclerology also aims to provide information about the possible health problems of the person with the examination of the eye.
However, contrary to iridology, it is not the iris, but the eye white and focuses on its parts.
Scientific studies that iridology provide precise and clear information are insufficient. Some studies have been carried out, but no positive results were obtained.
However, this study from the Far East is a method that is taken into consideration by a group of people both in Europe and America.
The number of experts who emphasize the uselessness in the opposite direction and underlined that this is a loss of time and money.
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