Family array; It is a therapy method designed by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger.
The method, also called Hellinger therapy, family system or family constellation, aims to support the solution of hereditary traumas.
It is aimed to go down to the source of the traumas transferred for generations and to create a superior faculty in this regard.
It is aimed to direct the family system towards integrity by revealing the patterns and traumas that remain beyond conscious awareness.
“When we are born, we not only inherit our physiological characteristics from our family, but also inherit the patterns of family behavior that may have been carried for generations.” Hellinger therapy is exactly based on this idea.
Systemal family array therapy is a very experienced process. It is difficult to fully describe this process with words and concepts.
In this process; It is focused on traumas within the family, difficulties, dysfunctional behavior patterns, and more, freedom, joy, happiness, health and obstacles to prosperity. Family System Session must lead a professional leadership for these sessions. This person is in the practitioner. Apart from the practitioner and the client, other participants also have the session.
The participants exhibit behaviors to represent people in the client’s family. They are not informed about who they represent.
3 basic principles are adhered to the sessions.
Family sequence work is considered effective in addressing systemic concerns due to its nature.
These concerns; Family -based problems,
Difficulties in Parent-Child Relationship
and may include close relationship difficulties.
To address negative or harmful relationship patterns
Solve the family turmoil
Coping with significant trauma or losses
And for similar reasons, this therapy can be used.

Is family array therapy effect? Family array; Almost all over the world, she sees and is popular as an alternative method.
In particular, interpersonal relationship -based challenges are frequently used.
The relatively cost -effective and short -term nature of the therapy is very effective.
People who apply to this technique often emphasize that they have discovered surprising emotional reactions about their family or other relationships, regardless of their age.
Many people report that they have achieved a significant insight and clarity through these studies.
However, the method of family sequence is not considered a evidence -based approach due to its subjective therapeutic process and experienced nature. And it is difficult to submit its effectiveness objectively to proof. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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