Mediterranean diet; It is one of the most sustainable, delicious and healthy diets. According to most experts, it is the best dietary form in many ways.
It is easy to apply according to strict and very restrictive diets. It allows you to enjoy the nutrients you consume. And despite all this, it has numerous positive effects on health, especially on heart health!
What is the Mediterranean diet? Essentially, this concept refers to the nutritional habits of people living in the Mediterranean region without traditional and lists. Although there are regional changes, people living in the Mediterranean countries maintain a similar diet in many ways.
The Mediterranean diet covers quite a variety of foods. Basically, fruits, vegetables, whole grain pulses, legumes, nuts, seed nutrients and of course olive oil are among those consumed abundantly in this diet.
This diet contains a small amount of red and animal nutrients. However, herbal foods act as a source of protein.

What foods are in the Mediterranean diet? All fruits and vegetables including potatoes
Traditionally grown fresh products are preferred. There is not much room for frozen or processed vegetables and fruits.
Homemade products such as whole grain foods and whole grain, such as bread and pasta
Healthy pulses such as lentils, peas, dry beans, as well as shelled nuts such as hazelnuts and peanuts
Pulses preferably raw or shine processes
Seed Foods
Sesame, like donuts
And the foods prepared with traditional prescription from these seeds
Olive oil to sweeten all hot and cold foods
Especially quality, cold squeezing extra virgin olive oil
Such as a small or medium amount of animal food fish, chicken, eggs
This diet focuses on anti -inflammatory foods. And inflammation, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, asthma and many other diseases are closely related!

So what’s not in this diet? Preservatives, artificial colorants, artificial sweeteners and all other processed and packaged foods
Fast Food Foods
Refined flour and sugar
Carbonated Beverages and Confectionery
Processed meats and delicatessen products containing preservatives
Like salami, sausage and bacon

The Pyramid of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid, all of this diet, a small amount of or not at all, and additional physical activities formed the Pyramid of the Mediterranean diet.

It is a diet that has proven that it is effective in helping people to lose weight with the Mediterranean diet and in addition to have numerous positive effects on health.
According to many clinical studies; Following the Mediterranean diet is as effective as low carbohydrate diets to lose weight. And moreover, a standard low -fat diet is much more effective than the program!
In addition, it is another fact that people who lose weight with this diet can maintain their weight during a year’s follow -up period!
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