Yacon syrup is prepared from a wild and tropical root plant bearing the name Yacon.
Yacon is specific to South American countries, especially Peru. The appearance resembles a potato of a potato to be even more specific. But contrary to what it promises with its appearance, it is not a very sweet fruit, not vegetables. It is even a sweet fruit that can be used as a natural sweetener!
In fact, this fruit is not very unusual, and this fruit is meat, juicy and blunt. It is like apple or pear.
Latin name: Smallanthus Sonchifoli
Naturally containing intense fruit sugar, the yacon is offered for sale in a whole, flour or powdered form or in various forms such as yacon syrup. But its awareness is not very high.
You can find this fruit, which is imported in a small amount from South American countries far from our country, as syrup.
Yacon syrup is like a syrup prepared with Yacon. It is quite sweet. Yacon is prepared by evaporating the water of the root and then filtering. It is quite intense.
This molasses consistency is a natural sweetener. It is an alternative to artificial sugar in recipes.
It is a syrup that can also be used by diabetic patients.
What are the benefits of Yacon syrup? It increases the feeling of satiety in consumption after dinner.
Intestinal bacteria in the intestines.
Strengthens immunity.
It supports glucose metabolism in the body.
Provides blood sugar control.
Cholesterol has a healing potential.
And that’s why it is widely used: Yacon syrup provides weight loss!
The comments of those who use Yacon syrup are often positive. Syrup has positive consequences, especially on the survival of obesity and on insulin resistance.
It can also be effective in getting rid of the lubrication around the waist.
Body mass index to lower,
Providing a positive effect on constipation is among the other positive effects of the plant on health.
Reducing insulin levels
And reducing insulin resistance is also among the benefits.

Does Yacon lose weight? It is a very supportive product for weight loss. It provides support to get rid of weight more easily. However, of course, it does not have a miracle effect. In addition to healthy nutrition and exercise, Yacon has the potential to help you get rid of weight in a shorter time.
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