Language stripping is a routine that has been emphasized that it is as important as toothbrushing recently.
Let us examine this new and healthy habit, also known as scraping, more closely!
What is tongue stripping? It is a simple and mollocate stripping of the upper layer of the tongue with a Sıyırgaç specially designed for this process. This small device is on sale with the name of the dumb tongue cleaner. It is very important to be gentle during the process.
For oral care, brushing teeth, using dental floss and regular dental examination in addition to a recommended routine stands out.
However, the tongue stripping process is not a routine that can replace the tooth brushing. Both operations are important separately.
Language scraping is a very effective method to get rid of the complaint of bad breath.
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How to make a tongue stripping?
Language cleaning with a spoon
Stainless steel, copper or plastic can be used for the process, as well as a simple spoon is suitable for the process.
How to use a language cleaner? Take your tongue out for scraping.
Place the round end of the tongue scraper on the back of your tongue. It is a good idea to start in the middle of your tongue if you are doing the process for the first time and worrying about teaching.
Gently and gently pull the tongue scraper towards the extreme part of your tongue. Never peel your tongue in the opposite direction.
After each scraping, clean your scraper with water to remove the deposits.
Repeat the process 3-4 times.
At the end of the procedure, rinse your mouth with warm water. Then wash your tongue scraper with soap and warm water and dry.
For the best results, it is appropriate to strip after each meal.
In addition to the stripping process, oil pulling, ie oil pulling, is another effective method for oral and whole body health. nler-oil-pulling-sivilce-yapar-mi/
What are the benefits of tongue stripping? What does it do? Cleans bacteria accumulated on the tongue, food residues and dead cells.
This cleaning is effective on getting better taste and better distinguishing tastes.
The risk of developing gum diseases and dental caries is reduced.
It decreases bad breath and even disappears!
And most importantly, research shows that tongue is a habit that has a positive effect on heart health!
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