Clove oil is a essential oil used to traditionally relieve digestion, alleviate pain, and support better breathing. It is a unique massage oil with its aphrodisiac effect and painkiller effect. However, for this purpose, dilution is required before applying to the skin. Otherwise, the skin may be irritating.
Oil; It also has use for support for problems such as toothache and tooth infections.
The fat obtained from the clove has the ability to numb the nerve tissues due to the ingredient called eugenol. With this feature, clove oil acts as a natural anesthetic and provides support in toothache and gingivitis.
Antiviral? Clove essential oil;
and antiviral.
insect repellent
And it also has anesthetic properties.
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Clove essential oil is intense and highly effective like many other mainly oils. Moreover, it has a toxic effect on overdose. Therefore, uncontrolled internal use should be avoided!
A amount of cloves between 10-30 ml poison you when taken orally. Causes loss of consciousness and respiratory difficulty.

How to use clove oil for tooth? Is it applied to the gum? We mentioned that it is used for toothache and gum infection. How is this oil applied to teeth and gums?
2-3 drops of oil is poured on a small cotton and the area with pain is gently wiped with this cotton. Be careful not to swallow the oil during the process.
More fat is not required than 2-3 drops. It has irritating effect.

Is it good for clove oil gum inflammation? Making 1-2 drops of oil into the water is another method of getting rid of gum inflammation. In addition, it is a good idea to add rock salt as well as a pinch of water. The effectiveness of the garga will increase.
This mouthwash is also very effective in getting rid of unwanted bad breath.
In cases where there is no essential oil obtained from cloves, only one clove helps to get rid of pain. However, the effect of cloves is of course lower than fat.
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What are the benefits of clove oil to hair? Thanks to the component called egenol;
It is accelerating hair growth when applied to the roots.
In addition, when applied regularly, it can repair, strengthen and add a healthy shine. In addition, it has the effect of accelerating blood circulation in the script. This supports hair growth.

Is clove oil applied to the genitals? Clove oil is one of the known oils. However, the oil is absolutely not suitable for directly to the genitals.
For this purpose, there are mixtures specially prepared and containing clove essential oil.
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