Nutrition after training, training is as important as the previous. Especially after a high -density training, foods consumed directly affect muscle development.
During an intense exercise, the body uses glycogen as a fuel. These muscles and some proteins in the muscles also mean disintegration and consumption.
In this case, it is to replace the glycogen and muscle proteins lost in the training.
At this point, the first meal after training is of great importance. This first meal should extensively contain protein and carbohydrates.
After a quality training, it supports meal muscle development, slows protein destruction in muscles and supports protein synthesis in muscles.
How should be nutrition after training?: What to eat after sports? The primary purpose of this meal is to maximize the benefits of the training and to support healing.
In this meal, especially to prefer the nutrients that are easily digested by the body, brings with it fast food absorption.
Ideal foods for consuming after a strict training can be listed as follows:
As carbohydrate:
Full cereals and seed nutrients -such as seed seeds, kinoa, teff seed-
Oatmeal and barley paste
As protein:
Protein source natural plant powders
As oil:
Peanut and peanut butter
Sesame paste
Hazelnuts, peanuts and other raw nuts
Dried fruits
Seed foods and seed powders

What’s not eaten after sports? As before sports, it is important to provide qualified, unprocessed natural foods to our body after sports.
The head of foods that should not be consumed after sports usually draws packed foods.
Fastfood foods, chocolate, carbonated beverages, packaged junk food should not be consumed after sports.
In addition, the consumption of raw vegetables, salty snacks and animal foods containing very high oil is not recommended after training.

Nutrition after training: Is yogurt eaten after sports? Yogurt can be preferred at a meal after sports. A bowl of yogurt, which is sweetened with pouch yogurt or natural fruits, can be a good choice after sports.

Is the fruit eaten after sports? Fruits can also be preferred at a meal after sports. Banana, pineapple, kivi is one of the most ideal fruits for this meal.
Can you eat oats after sports?
A bowl of oatmeal or barley paste can be your savior for post -sport. A little dry fruit, nuts or fresh fruit slices can be added to the oats.
Nutrition after training: Can you drink coffee after sports? After sports, 1 cup of sugar -free coffee is also a good choice. Coffee helps the body to recover and strengthen more easily after sport.

Coffee before or after sports? Coffee can be preferred both before and after sports. Drinking coffee before sports gives energy and accelerates fat burning.

Does drinking milk after sports burn fat? One of the most preferred beverages after sports is milk. Simple milk, honey milk or chocolate milk can be preferred after sports. Milk can positively affect muscle making and fat burning.

Is it right to drink coke after sports? After sports 1 cup coke is definitely not the right choice. Not only the cola but no drink with intense sugar content after sports is not correct. This includes fruit sodas, ready -made fruit juices, coffees with intense sugar added!
Intense sugar in such drinks causes metabolism to slow down.
Instead of replacing the electrolytes you have lost by sweating in sports, 1 glass of water is best instead of a glass of cola! You can subscribe to our newsletter to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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